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Song floating around is from Gackt's Last Song. Verse is:

wakariaenakute nando mo kizutsuketeita
sonna toki demo itsumo yasashikute
fui ni watasareta yubiwa ni kizamareteita
futari no yakusoku wa kanawanai mama ni
"ima mo oboeteiru..."

Roughly translates into:

We didn't understand each other and hurt each other over and over again
Even at those times you were always kind
I cut myself on the suddenly surrendered ring
As our promises to each other were not granted
"Even now I remember..."

third stanza/verse. i love that song. so beautiful.

This is Melpomene. Name means: "choir" in Greek. In Greek mythology she was the muse of tragedy.

She's in the same story as Silver [link] and Mneme [link] ...she is in the band with those two (its a pretty big band so...yea...). She plays the guitar, but rarely ever sings. She'll sing once in a blue moon...She is rarely on stage without her blindfold and/or face-cover-thingy. Why? Cause she enjoys her private life and doesn't want to be bothered. Very few people know what she does outside of music. *cough*science*cough* She also wears a hood at times, on her cape. She's 24ish and her nickname is Mel.

yea, i need to do more chara development....and write the stupid thing! X.x i have a basic storyline, but lack the meat and such. evilness...

What I don't like: the hands, as usual. very evil things they are. Her forehead looks too empty too....don't like that, nor how the blindfold sits on her face...the shading too. i don't feel i did a good job.
What I like: her costume. based off something I saw while buying a book for drama class. the pant-part are shorts that are connected to a skirt-like thing hanging around her knees/ankles. surprisingly enough, it's made of stretchy material, so she could kick major ass in them
Refrences: guitar is from [link] (i'm still learning how to draw guitars...i swear I'll learn! X.x ) ...and the song is by Gackt. Everything else is copyrighted to my brain. don't steal. thankie.

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