SoT - Haylix Picture

Haylix is the fourth child of Aramathea, and also the first child of Water. And think of her as a mix between Aphrodite and the Muses in Greek Mythology. (This is how I processed the God system of SoT - by using Greek Mythology. The author will probably flay me later...)

So yeah, Haylix is goddess of love, beauty, youth and the Arts. Generally, she's the Goddess every girlie-girl wants to be born under. Happily, apparently I'm born under Malak, a fellow eldest child. So I'm all good!

Technically, yes. Haylix is nude. I didn't give her clothes, because due to her youth and beauty, she'd be resolutely confidant in her appearance, and would probably be like "Pssht! Clothes? And hide this specimen of perfection? Are you serious?" Yeah. I can imagine her as either being really kind, or really up herself. Either way.

As yes with cliché colours! I haven't drawn any of the Fire Children yet, but you can bet your bottom-fckin-dollar they're ginger. Way-hay!
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