Tuesday stuck in progress Picture

I've still got some time until Thursday, but this is one third of what I wanted to upload by then. I'm not happy with it, because it doesn't fit the theme of mythology, more like history. And the other one I want to do, the Colossus of Rhodes, is more history, but since its height is an area for scepticism and varying accounts...it is a bit of a myth. Technically, right? And I was going to go with the Odyssey for the third and final part. My songs, in order, were I can see clearly now, My Immortal and Miles away.

Jimmy Cliff. Evanescence. Madonna. Can't go wrong with these, right?

Model/Muse for this one is Mandie Fenrich. Pretty much everything I'm drawing these days, when I can find the time, features Mandie or Haruna and I've been studying the work of Mike Hoffman. I think my figure drawing's gotten better, but this is just a 50 minute sketch. Overkill, when we just had to show thumbs, right?

Still got till Thursday.
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