Canary's Song Picture

Storytelling in Appalachia had many purposes in lessons, morals, narrative and carrying on some form of legacy. Storytelling started to die out with many other beneficial and culturally invested traditions due to the “Appalachian cleansing” which started to cause disconnect between generations, declining the crucial communication. Recently, many individuals and organizations have been attempting to stabilize and re-establish storytelling in Appalachia as in original role and function.
Storytelling is so rooted in culture; I want to create a visual narrative of Appalachia. The artwork will deal with issues and events relevant to Mountain Top Removal, mining, Human rights, cultural infusion, and activism in the Appalachian region specifically of Central Appalachia. The visual narrative will be portrayed as a folklore/mythology using key characters of Central Appalachia’s history as deities, muses, fates and tricksters.
This piece is a 6x9 print on copper plate. She is one of the three fates of Appalachia, she is coal. She is setting forth a canary through the mine she lives. The canary represents the life of individuals(s) that must travel and work in the darkness.
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