Gothic Carnivale: The Siren Picture

2nd Pic of Gothic Carnivale. Pretty much a carnivale of Mythological creatures actually. Again I do not own the Picture used.

The Morning of Carnivale begins with a song. A Beautiful SOng tat seems to relieve and invigorate the Masses of Masquers who have gathered in the city. a crowds has began to amass as we speak. You turn to one large crowd after hearing the most beautiful music. You make your way though the thongs to see.

The Spectacle in question, a woman in an elaborate Costume and mask playing a harp, and with such mastery. The fellow masquers have already began a dance as the mysterious muse plays her song. She sings along with the instrument, seeming to possess the crowd with it's wondrous notes. With the song over, the crowd applauded and the Lady bows. You take a rose from a nearby planter and as soon as the crowds began to leave, you go to her and offer the rose. She Accepts the token you have presented her with, and leaves, vowing to see you again.

The following day the muse is gone, You set out to find her. Your efforts come to nothing however, as she is gone. Heartbroken, you make back to San Marco, Nobody seems to pay any attention to you. Thus did she fine it a suitable time to appear before you in the water. She unmasks herself and reveals her true beauty, then with a kiss, she jumps back into the water and swims away, revealing her tail and she glides away, but she offer you one last glance of her, then vanishes. at your feet, a blue rose is tied to a letter.
You read the letter and think "OH Joyous Days. I have found my Muse". Though she is gone, she has given you more then enough for you to remember. You join the festivities, Satisfied and proud. You had found your siren. and you read again. A line gets your attention. "My Love" The passage began. "THough I had left you to return to the water, do not despair. I will return, and we shall live in wondrous bliss. Your Muse." A smile appears and never leaves your face, as day by day you wait for her return. a year later. once again the Carnivale season has began, but now you do celebrate alone. Your wish and her promise came true.

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