Seph and Cassie Picture

Just a random little Gatekeeper piece. There's really not much thought to it. My mom summed it up perfectly when she walked in when I was working on it. "That looks like the shirt you're wearing!".

I have a tendency to want to draw what I'm wearing when I look really good in an outfit. And I didn't want to do a Purebred character, for some strange reason. My muse gave me an idea for a Gatekeeper piece with Persephone and her best friend, Cassandra, and I went for it, just because. Turned out way cuter than I intended.

Cassandra is sort of a play on words. Cassandra is actually a mythological person, an oracle of sorts, but its also a modern name. It just seemed natural for the best friend of someone named Persephone would also have a mythological name. I'm thinking, at the moment, of making Cassandra an actual psychic, but I'm unsure. It may be too weird.

I was also playing around with a few features of their designs. I wanted to see how Persephone looked with a lot more freckles, and I like the homeliness of her appearance now. I wanted to see how Cassandra looked with glasses. She wears contacts most of the time. (She's a stereotypical smart person; she needed glasses.)

So yea, Persephone and Cassandra. BFFs.

(No, my muse isn't quite on this story. I just wanted to draw them, just because.)

Persephone Porter, Cassandra Evans, and image © ~erin-hime

(I'm avoiding studying, shh...bad Erin.)
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