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.::This is le first ever Beastiary Entry Deviation!::. So stuff in tinyfont is explanationyness of how things are gonna work in these profiles..

Category Badge: [link]
These badges will go on the profile of a monster species that fits in this category. Or you can print em out in real life and slap em on your head if you so please XD
Symbology: This is the official demon flag, with countries adding variations to colourscheme, the national plant, etc. It's meant to represent three hands sharing kiwi fruit, believe it or not, and only coincidentely resembles the roman numerals 666..
Sample Characters: Dan [link] (Shadow Demon), Chiku [link] (Blood Demon), Beryl [link] (Illusion Devil)..

Category Spread: Worldwide
Connection Status: Common culture, country-based civilizations. Racial division varies (see attatched deviation)
This means basically 'do the species in this category consider themselves related? Do they live together?'
Population: Roughly 50 million (civilized), Unknown amount (wild, rogue, non census takers etc)
Races: Demon, Angel, Devil, Imp (see here: [link])
Sexes/Genders: Varies depending on subspecies. All have a female sex, even if the species only has one and breeds via magical means.
Average Sex Balance: 84% female. But if female-only races are discounted it's still 76% female.
Lifespan Range: 10 to 1490 years
This means the average lifespans of the shortest and longest lived subspecies in the category. Not that everyone can live for 10 to 1490 years.
Average Lifespan: 300-500 years
Most Popular Religion(s): Demonicry (45%), Buddhism (13%), Hinduism (7%). (35% Other)
Common Traits:
* General love of citrus fruit
* General boisterous fun-loving disposition
* Most species are omniverous/carniverous- they can eat both meat and plants but can't survive on plants alone. Omniverous species are the second most common, third most common are species that eat something totally bizzare and different (like fire or emotions) and there are only a handful of herbiverous species.
* Its fairly common for species to have a humanoid disguise, or for larva to look humanoid, or to have the power to transform humans into one of them, or to have some sort of instant killing/memory altering technique that works really well on humans. Demons as a whole are in hiding from humans and need defense mechanisms to protect the masquerade. Humans are also considered delicious to most demons, so they won't hesitate to eat em in self defense. (However only crazy demons will actively hunt humans for food.)

.:: Biology ::.
Demons are an exceedingly unusual category. The species within it vary so utterly that it's hard to believe they're related, and several have multiple names as they were recategorized over and over. Eventually it was discovered the key to demon status- their insane breeding method.
Any two demons of any species can mate (provided their biology lets them pull it off non-fatally) and produce demons of ANY other species. Basically:
3 + 5 = 4, 79, 108, 25, 0.2, 86771..
How the offspring's species is determined is still incomplete today, but strides in prenatal science have identified it's based on an insane amount of factors including climate, parent combination, mother's moods during pregnancy, amount of salt consumed, so on so on. The lineup of forms also changes over time as if it were a sentient force evolving, and some species become rare if not extinct alltogether in favor of an adapted version that now has wings. Professional baby predictors cost thousands and there's still a margin of error (with no refunds) so most parents just roll with it. So what if I have five firey things and an ice slug?
Early demon culture was formed because of families having unexpected unusual babies they didn't know how to care for, and finding another family to do a kid swap.

.:: Culture ::.
Demons in general have stronger instincts than other civilized species like humans. They're natually predisposed to violence and hyperactivity, as well as having problems controlling themselves around food. However this has caused them to create a culture and religion of pseudo-pacifism, farming and entertainment.
Since demons know its impossible for most of em to sit still all day and avoid ever biting anything, they practise safe playfighting during childhood and stress through religious morals that its great to battle but murder and severely disabling injuries are ABSOLUTE SINS. This sense of violent fair play permeates everything they do- 'arena' is a school sport, duels settle every argument and even wars are nonfatal with the losing side getting up at the end, shrugging and going 'guess you're right, we'll agree to be conquered by you'. If anyone commits murder, its an unwritten law that any demon who witnesses it must kill the perpetrator. (the revenge killer hasn't committed a crime too, just performed a public service stopping the 'diseased' person before they hurt anyone else.) However some less extreme countries allow leeway for accidental murder or if the perpetrator is underage. (though what the 'age' is varies..) Murder standards are also relaxed when its a demon versus a non-demon- its acceptable to eat stuff if its not sentient as far as you can judge, and to kill in self defense. (Whereas you'd still be blamed if it was demon on demon- you should have known how to defend yourself nonfatally.)
Because of this a demon could see humanity as a depraved culture (because they kill each other en masse and don't punish murderers with death) and humans could also see demons as disturbing and dangerous (because they fight all the time and spread a religious ideology glorifying it). Clashes between the two cultures have happened quite a lot and we'll cover that in a section later on.
In addition to fighting being a popular fun thing, demons also have a huge entertainment industry that's more government funded than religion or education. It's true- loads of popular rock bands are demonic XD Art and theatre are commonly enjoyed but rarely practised (as it requires a lot of concentration) so demons import a lot of media from other species. There's frequent controversy whenever something turns out to be pirated instead of licensed, but honestly the government needs to do that cos not everyone is willing to sell to a group of people with such a bad reputation for violence. More active stuff like sport and dance have homebrew industries- you will not believe how many different ways they can toss a ball over a line. ('Sockball' is currently trending in the UK: a game where everyone wears socks over their hands/feet/limbs and tries to bat around a velcro ball, and if the ball sticks to you everyone on both teams has to tackle you until the giant orange rolls into play.. lets just say its chaos. XD) In addition a demon 'festival year' is roughly a millenium, filled with daily festivals and conventions as excuses to dance around and get drunk for really overly specific reasons like 'Wooden Floor Line-Dancing Day'. Its up to the government to decide which days are actually gonna be official holidays, and villages might privately celebrate others. There was once a group of demons that decided to make their own country and celebrate every festival including the regional ones that coincide on the same day.. they went bankrupt in two months and died shortly after from alchohol poisoning.
And the least interesting thing about demons is they like to farm crazy magical fruit and veg. Well they kinda need to when their appetites are so huge. It's funny because there are quite a lot of plant demons who you might see napping in the dirt next to their crop XD Their primary crop is Meatplants, plants that grow meat as fruit (duh). Some demon plants have already been exported to humanity and become fairly popular, such as the dragonfruit- also known as 'that thing that looks like a purple pineapple and has a grey kiwi inside'. (This is really a real fruit.)

.:: In Mythology/Human Relations ::.
You probably already know this, but humans see demons as servants of satan, who's a devil (the name of a demon race) and a fallen angel (another race) and also small evil tempting things are imps (again, a race). Demons are not really any of that, they're just a bunch of kinda scary-looking magical things that are pretty common and easy to bump into compared to other monsters. They have the free will to be good or evil like anything else, and would sort of be categorized as 'good' overall since their society has a stringent code against killing and generally prefers to war amoungst itself for territory than spread out and attack other cultures (unless someone else attacks first).
It seems very unfortunate that back in ancient times as Christianity was being codified someone decided to name a bunch of things after existing creatures they disliked. Demons had already had trouble with the greeks taking 'Daemon' to mean 'muse' but this more negative confusion was something they never recovered from- people find it 'too much of a coincidence' when they argue that they just have the names of evil things and aren't evil. ("And besides those were our words first!" "Ha! Prove it!") It doesn't help that most demons don't even know what Christianity is, or assume every human practises it and its a religion of evil thus all humans are stupid blind believers predjudiced against them for no reason. Lots of the 'evidence' for the link between them and the Bible is quite flimsy (like '666' in the flag even though those are roman numerals and the book wasn't written in those) and could be effectively argued against if demon scholars got over their revulsion to actually read it.
Wars with humanity and amoungst each other (since humans artificially created a race divide marking angels as good, demons bad and devils worst) have left great damage to demon society, so inter-cultural relations aren't gonna progress beyond 'occasionally import and export produce, try and make humanity believe we don't really exist so they leave us alone' any time soon. (The concept of 'Science = logic, magic = silly superstition' was somewhat of a godsend that ended wars and allowed them to go "No no, we're fictional just like the idea the world is flat~ Bye bye~")
The mortal enemy of demonkind is practicioners of a certain kind of magic- binding or 'familiar magic'. This either forces a creature under the caster's control or turns them into energy and absorbs them into the caster, granting them their powers and trapping the victim as a disembodied voice in their head. Unluckily, demons are weak to these sort of spells. Misuse of this amoungst humans was taken as 'proof' of the idea that demons could possess you or make a contract for their service, like the ones in the bible. (Basically putting the blame on the victim) 'Testimonies' from these demons couldn't be trusted, as the master could make the victim say whatever they want or even (in the case of 'possession') take their voice and pretend to be them speaking through an innocent human being they enslaved. It also doesn't help that there really are non-demon species of monster that can do real possession..
Basically, things are COMPLICATED.

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