Aoide Picture

Some character-planning for a Winx Club crossover I never got to.

Name: Aoide
Aoide (Αοιδη) means "to sing" in Greek. In Greek mythology she was one of the original three muses, the muse of song.
In Japanese, Aoide (青いで) is roughly translated as "in blue/being blue"

Appearance: More or less 160cm (5'25") tall.
Long black hair, blue eyes. She wears mostly blue and white.

Personality: A bit ditsy and wishy-washy, although very kind and a good friend. She appears vey naive, but in reality very wise and observant.
She's very dreamy, losing track of time easily, and has horrible sense of direction, so she's often late, lost or both

Race: Music Fairy

Powers: Controll over soundwaves and music, both defensive and offensive. She can easily hypnotise people with her music (she often hypnotises people accidently)

Affiliation(s): Planet Melody, Elfea School for Fairies

I've lent her to one of my friends who needed some OC's in his fanfiction, so she makes an appearance in: [link]
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