Arkantos Picture

Arkantos is the Grass-Type Arceus, and the colors along the side is the color of each Pikmin, giving their names. Warning: Some of the colors are ones I invented and do not really exist. He's named after a character from Age of Mythology, and they're named after Greek Muses, Personified Concepts, and, well, Hercules!

Anyway, background. After Arcelon plunged into chaos, some of the Arceus moved to the Pikmin's Planet with Humans to escape it. Arkantos was born blind, and abandoned by his mother because of it. He was "adopted" by a family of Pikmin who act as his eyes. Eventually, he rejoined the herd, only to find they wanted nothing to do with him. He now lives with Carolyn and Heart's Blood, plus all the other Arceus in the family.
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