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UH I RE-UPLOADED THIS ::I let's see if it works this time

Music; Like, who doesn't get inspired by music seriosly? I wanted to put a specific band here but augh what the hell, i know too many good songs etc etc. SO YEAH. MUSIC.

~Muskatnuss; MEGAN MAN IS MOST INSPIRING PERSON EVER she's my muse. Idk, her existance just inspires me gosh. And the fact that we're TOO SIMILAR is so cool.
Yeah idk what to say i wish everyone had a person like her dgijsfiojdoifsdjsf.

~CookieHana; Biggest inspiration in dA at the moment ::::I SHE IS THAT CAUSE OF MY HOMOS seriosly. The reason i started drawing homos and animal hybrids is all ther fault . She has such an amazing style and so many great characters i can't describe that stuff with wordssss!
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