The Divine Picture

...Nothing says win like the single best piece of art you've ever done being of your own character and design. Finally, Lei not only has a ref of the back of his outfit, but he's also got the right skintone, hair color and I finally tried to draw his staff. I was terrified it would suck, I'm srsly glad it came out good.

Anywho, this is Lorelei (mostly I call him by his nickname, Lei), my OC and muse. He's a girly, chocolate binging half god. In spite of being the girliest thing in his world, he's extremely intimidating and not very many people would even want to think about making him angry. Though he's near impossible to approach if you're a shy thing like me, he's actually very nice and a very talented healer. If I had to give him a generic RPG class, he'd be a cleric. Only he doesn't fail at life in combat, he can kick some serious ass if he feels like it.

EDIT - changed the shading a bit.

This design and character(s) belong to me, legal action may be taken if it is used without written permission. Don't do it, you have been warned.
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