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--sorry, had to get that out of my system. Modern media has misused the title of sirens, originally in greek mythology they were bird women who lived on an island and sang to mariners. Confusion is caused by media, and the fact that in many languages, (French spanish ect...) the word for mermaid sounds similar to siren, and in biology, there is a similar root word used to describe.... Oh, where am I going with this. You get the picture. Odysius didn't fend off mermaids, he went up vs bird women. Orpheus played music to win against bird women. ect.. It bothers me.

Now on to story stuff...

First an explanation about the brainwashing of Jeff
Why you're character won't end up like Jeff:
Amirabelle did not fully brainwash Jeff. Jeff had several pre-dispositions which made this too easy. (I'll include some of those later)

Most contestants should not have huge issues with her voice when she chooses to use it. (This is because Amirabelle can't go into "god mode" and order other peole around)
The factors that effect how much the voice will trouble your character include :
-- how human-like are they?
--how determined are they to win and what are their motives?
--do they have a strong will?
--Are their emotions easily manipulated?
For most most it may make them woozy or a bit dizzy. Unless your character is weak willed or generally vunerable then the effect may be drunkenly comical.
If your character is strong willed and totally focused on winning and extremely lucid in battle, this voice may seem nothing more than a buzzing in the back of their head.
If amirabelle is fighting your character in a round I will consult you about this.

Amirabelle is a Siren.
In ancient greek mythology sirens were winged women whose voices led sailors to their deaths. In most stories, they were something else before and were changed into sirens , some say a gift some say a punishment. In some stories the sirens had a singing competition with the muses because they were full of pride, and when they lost the muses ripped the wings from their backs.

Interpretation and twisting for this story:
In Amphilon, the sirens, after losing their wings came back to earth and found human mates. Their female offspring had their voices and talons, but only scars on their backs of the wings. Amirabelle is a decendant of those sirens, but she is actually a little more powerful than most sirens in that time period because her blood is less diluted. Over the generations siren blood becomes slightly diluted and has varying effects on offspring. Amirabelles family had remarried into another bloodline not too many generations ago, so she is a tad more potent. (really the only noticable difference is how reliable the wings thing is)

What are those headphones?
They are like an on off switch for her siren's voice, or like a mute button. What do ears have to do with the voice? The sinuses connect the ears eyes throat and nose. The headphones emit a kind of magic that envelops the sinus system.
Family and past basics.
Amirabelle and her mother (Laisapeth) have been living with her uncle Dave (Laisapeth's brother) and his wife Fainche. They moved there ever since the incident six years ago.
Dave runs a local bank and had been planning to open a underground branch for the magical community before the incident six years ago.
Auntie Fainche is a part time EMT for city events.
At the start of the story, Amirabelle's mother Laisapeth is not living in their home, she is away (for reasons explained later).
Amirabelle was previously homeschooled by Fainche and Laisapeth, but now has to go to public school.
(Amirabelle is pretty similar to her mid-witch version, just a few changes to fit the story and the world of Amphilon)
Keegan is a Human, his parents work for the NAMCDDE. His mother works in the labs but his father does actual "feild work". they leave him home alone a lot because of their odd hours and trips.
He doesn't easily trust people and is often paranoid. On the surface he can be cold in behavior and scare people, but isn't actually as bad as he seems.
(so keegan only has his personality in common with his mid witch persona)
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