-Hodge Podge- Picture


I am really, REALLY happy with the way he turned out! So please fullview. @[email protected]

This guy was just a random character idea that popped up into my hear one day, as many do. But he kinda clung there for a long time, almost asking to be drawn. So I worked out a few sketches and finally inked one of them, and he's been an awesome litte muse ever since.

Pen and ink.

Character Description // Background

He's something of a chimera, you know - from mythology. Only he's made of so many different creature parts sewn together, I couldn't even begin to name them all. You can see tiger, zebra, iguana, bird, and some others. Plus, there's some more patches on his back and legs that you can't see.

So yeah. Pretty much nothing on him matches, and little is human except his body shape and his heart. As you can see, there's a scar on his chest where whoever created him attempted to take out his heart, but for reasons I have not worked out yet, that did not happen. He is greatly comforted knowing he has a human heart when he knows that the rest of him.. Isn't. D:

Of COURSE I had to give him wings. But his creator(s) didn't want to give him the joy of flying, so not only did they mismatch his wings and sew one on UPSIDEDOWN, they pierced the feathered one with a stainless steel chain and tore the other. While he was awake. :[

His tattooed number is 4242-1. Just because I liked the sound of it.

Podge (for short) is rather quiet and confused. He questions anything and everything, but can be too quick to trust sometimes. He likes [astrology], tortellini and reading. XD


In short, I really love him. ^^ And the way this came out.

Hodge Podge and artwork belong to me.
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