Creature of the Wood Picture

Her father had warned her to stay away from the forest's edge. 'Strange creatures live there, dangerous fair faced Fae,' he'd told her, and the girl being the curious but obedient sort had stayed away. For a time, at least. And as she'd grown from childhood gangly limbs to a lithe limbed beauty her curiosity had bubbled up and grown as well. One day when the thirst knowledge outweighed caution the young woman went to the edge of the forest.

"Just a peak, and that shall do no harm, surely!"

A warm male voice chuckled at that, from somewhere deep in the shadows of thorn and thicket and trees. "You should have listened to you're Father, sweet child."

Her spine went ramrod straight at that, "Child? Ha! I'll have you know I'm eight and ten!"

"Indeed?" He sounded very amused at that piece of insight.

And closer.

A slight tremble went through her frame, and she spied a man shaped form still hidden in the the shadow leaning against a tree. "W-who are you?"

He finally stepped part way out of the shadows, and the girl saw that while he was indeed male, he was not by any means a man. At least not the human variety.

He began to sing, "[link]


The picture is based off of the song by the same name from the group called "Tricky Pixie." If you have the time, check out some of their other stuff, or S. J. Tucker's solo stuff (the female singer in the song.) I've recently become somewhat obsessed with their music. They do two things really, really well: silly songs, and very pretty very creepy songs. As well as wonderfully in the middle pagan and or mythology themed things.

I promise the comic will be coming up next, I just had to work on this piece. My muse walloped me over the head for this one.

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