Kithkin Clans Picture

Redoin' the old stuff for a while now, to get everything more up to date and usable for the current batch of players and other interested parties.

So this is the current array of kithkin clans and their runes, along with the colouration typically associated with each clan, though not the only colours available to members of each clan, due to interrelations between them... if you catch my drift. Clan lineage is based entirely on the 16 runes, and ergo it can even jump races due to interbreeding (along with colours).

Each of the 16 clans are divided up into a few hundred bloodlines, (also called tribes, or, just because I like to confuse you all, clans), which are then divided up into a few dozen more families... which explains the two or three part standard sythen last names. (Kith who were raised among the other races typically have names from that culture, however... Darien and Sarah, for example) Bloodlines from a certain area will typically share closer and closer features, though, again, due to cross-clan and cross-racial breeding, it's quite possible to find any combination anywhere, particularly among the modern kithkin.

Yes, I know there are 18 heads up there... the final 'group' forms the irin clan, or the 'mage clan'... they are present among all races (the head there's supposed to be a crossbreed, combining features of several races), and rather rare at that, making up maybe a twentieth of the kithkin races at most. While before Cirundi's destruction, they were treated much as a member of any other clan, but in the modern era, after Irivan's betrayal and mass decide, they've become widely hated and relieved among the kith (not to mention the fact that most of their major bloodlines have become tainted by demons, continue to hear the voice of their patron, or are allied with other evil races... yeah... kith are now colourcoded for your convience: Funky colours=evil like drow= xp4u!), particularly those kith who really don't like the widely held theory among Caelens that kith are demon descended. Sucks to be them. And to make matters worse, they have an LA +1... ayup. Really sucks to be them.

The runes along the top are the 'ye olde race symboles', still used as shorthand for each of the races (the central part of the last actually means 'syth', essentially "kithkin" or "civilized race"... the later of which may or may not include humanoids, depending on the writer's intention), and then the race names in translated Sythen (For those not in the know, left to right, in Umbrish, are Kith, Brun, Bead, and Halling (the first, Nyr'il, are extinct-like... so yeah. Bit their runes still exist. So.. yeah again)... which are also the terms I use for the races most of the time. Just like I call Kurden dwarves. Deal.)

Clans are kinda like "nationalities" among the modernkith (as any of the old nations are lost/destroyed/conquored/turned into great teaming metropoli dominated by other races... or... something) and help place one's allegiances, traditions, heritage, mythology, language, and the like (even if they are only distantly related to the culture which created them), almost like an 'extended family', though with kith, all that might mean would be 'feeling a little guilty after stabbing in back'

Runes are inherited through one parent only, and though it is most likely that it comes from the parent of the same gender, that is nowhere near a guarantee. Occasionally, a clan may skip a generation, particularly in cases where multiple grandparents are of the same clan, though that is no guarantee. Marriage within a clan is typical, to ensure that the line is continued on, but by no means a requirement, particularly if a potential couple's children will have strong blood (however, marriage within a bloodline is strongly taboo... risking expulsion and the removal of that syth from their records)

Aside from that... I can think of nothing. But I'm certain I missed something, and I'll be reminded by one of the 5(!) other folks out there who are playing/planning on playing kith. But, all it'll do is spike my muse more, so goforit!
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