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I realized a few day ago that, with turning my Sailormoon fan story into an original story, I no longer had any official fan senshi. And, since my muse was in fact still on Sailormoon, I figured it was high time to introduce my latest senshi, Sailor Ran.

Ran is actually a replacement for Sailor Aeolus, and has a similar background as the senshi version. Well, she used to, any way. I may have tweeked it to make it completely different.

Her real name is Elsa Ostergard, and she has a twin brother names Esten, who is Hella Knight. Her parents are Sailor Hella and Ran Knight, so, um, you can see where they got their powers from.
That doesn't really effect the twins, though. Their planet history it rather interesting, though. There are three inhabitable plants in their solar system. Hella and Jord are the third planets, and share the same orbits. Ran is the fourth planet. On Ran, the eldest son takes the throne while the second son becomes the senshi of the planet, which allowed Elsa's father to live with them on Hella (despite the name, Hella, and Jord, are very Earth-like). However, when the twins were five, their father was called back to Ran to help dispatch the stirrings of Civil War, and has been stuck on the planet ever since.

Elsa is sort of a Daddy's girl, so you can see how this effects her.

To ease her withdrawl from her father, Elsa ends up befriending a banished prince from Aegir by the name of Latham Norling, which her parents disapprove of. But Latham is a nice enough boy, and they can't find fault in him, and thus, they become best friends.

So, what would happen is that, at the age of eleven, the twins would be sent of to a school of some kind. What sort if undecided right now, but it is there that the twins meet Valda Lager, or Sailor Jord, and discover their own powers.

At some point in her second year, Latham suddenly disappears without reason, and Elsa feels a little abandoned. But she moves on.

Nothing special happens for a while, until Elsa, Valda, and Esten are seventeen. At that point, a guy names Aegir (*cough*) starts to make trouble in the galaxy, and the three of them have to go off and fight him somehow. I don't have that all planned out, which is why I'm probably never going to write this story.
But there's the background for you.

Okay, the picture. I actually had another cool picture of Ran done, but, for some strange reason, I wanted to draw another one, and this came out. I like her expression. Ran's powers are water and death based, since Ran, in Norse mythology, was basically the goddess of the drowned. Hey, it works, since Hella (or Hel), is the goddess of the dead.

The plaid came in after I drew the skirt, and thought it looked like something that should be plaid. Of course, then I realized how awesome it would be if her color was blue plaid, and there you go. Very nice. Her uniform is very punkish, and I like that.

Her hair is awesome, and not exactly what I planned. Ran's hair that half-bun curled up thing in the beginning, but I didn't like the hair her hair down looked, so I tried braided pigtails instead, since I like braids now. Awesome, awesome, awesome. She has a lot of hair, though, if she can pull that off. >.<

I don't know exactly why she's holding starseeds, but I know her left one is her own, and the other one is Aegir's.

All in all, I really like this design. I might have to do a picture of Hella and Jord just because.
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