Bandwagons are Comfy Picture

So I guess it’s fantroll time? I never really intended to make this guy, but he kind of condensed out of some musings about things and also my own personal experiences. Picture is by dg-sama on DeviantArt. TL;DR, AWAAAAAAAAY

NAME: Marich Roehit

AGE: Since I haven’t actually done anything with him yet it’s up in the air, but I assume somewhere between 6-8 sweeps?

BLOOD COLOR/POWERS: Brownblood, has telekinetic abilities linked to shouting.

LUSUS: Six legged deer, good relationship, but they butt heads often. /lame pun is lame and also 100% literal and not really a pun.

HIVE LOCATION: In the woods on a mountain. He works as a kind of sherpa/delivery boy for nearby bluebloods.

STRIFE SPECIBUS: Crossbowkind, or possibly Scisorkind. He will switch to Megaphone/Voicekind later.

INTERESTS: Enjoys building sculptures by stacking random things, as well as making card houses, etc. His hive is filled with scrap metal and various other junk stacked into precarious towers. Likes to read, and has a soft spot for underdog type stories. Enjoys hiking, and being outside, especially at dusk/dawn. Secretly does like theater, but not incredibly shitty monologues.

PERSONALITY: He hates the hemospectrum. He lives his life in fear of winding up as a ship’s engine, and subsequently tries to never use his voice related powers. He’s heard vague fairytale like stories about the Sufferer and the Summoner and other rebellions in the past, and he wants nothing more than to be a great revolutionary. But he never speaks out or does anything overtly confrontational, partially because he doesn’t think he could make any difference, and partially because he is extremely scared of retribution. He lays low and complies with all the blood oppression he runs into, but secretly resents the fuck out of it.

He’s kind of twitchy by nature, and is easily startled. When his sculptures inevitably collapse it normally sends him scampering to one of numerous hiding spots in his hive, and he prefers to not be in the open. He has very common tastes, and thinks the less effort you have to put into food, the better. He also cares extremely little for appearances, and tends to neglect his own. The picture doesn’t really show it, but his hair is almost always greasy as fuck. He can clean up pretty well if required to however, and will make himself presentable if he thinks someone higher than him on the Hemospectrum will object to his appearance.

While he’s timid, respectful, and sometimes outright nervous around people higher than him on the hemopsectrum, around his equals he’s far more confident and relaxed, and is less likely to startle quite so easily. He’s still a little reserved about his opinions, but is in general more open and aggressive. In fact, he's even entered a few lowblood wrestling matches, although it's not a common thing for him. (I feel like trolls have something akin to sumo wrestling, but with horn locking and whatnot.)

PLANET: Land of Flatness and Surprise. His planet is almost entirely salt flats, and he hates it. There is nowhere to hide, but the reflectivity and haziness makes it easy for people to sneak up on him. His lusussprite thinks that his planet is delicious. His denizen is probably some predatory bird, (I will have to look into some mythology for that later), and his consorts are fuchsia giraffes who are fond of tomfoolery.

TITLE: Bard of Void. As a hero of void, part of his personal quest involves learning how to hide in plain sight, and also extending this protection to his painfully conspicuous consorts. I may change him to a Knight, or some other title when we learn more about them, but for now Bard works. I was hesitant to give him a title associated with “single handedly being responsible for success or failure”, but I think the volatile aspect of the bard title worked well, as there will eventually be some point where Marich can’t keep silent anymore and just explodes at some blueblood. Almost certainly with sonic screaming thrown in there. Sudden personality shifts like that seem to be a bard or 'wildcard' kind of thing.

TROLL HANDLE: tentativelyCacophonous

QUIRK : /Speaks in a fairly restrained manner.\


If you got through all of that you deserve some kind of fancy medal.
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