Haunting Halloween Picture

*Muse-Pets is hiring people to become part of the staff, and my note got in on time to be able to do the trials. We have to do ten of each of the three shown creatures in the themes listed on the original page.

The first theme is Halloween~ I was planning to only upload these when I was done but I figured I liked these enough to let you guys see them now XD

So I guess I'll do my other work here.

Give each number a name and describe it. I assume this means we give the species a name and describe the species.

1. This is the Pygmy Shooter. "Pygmy" means small so their name is technically "small shooter." This creature is a cross between the Pygmy Fawke and the Starling. Pygmy Shooters are like little shooting stars, which is where they got their name. If you see one, it's considered good luck and you can make a wish. If you catch one, your wish will come true. These little ones are quite sweet natured and just love to bring happiness to their owners and the people around them.

2. This is the Apophis. Apophis is a Greek name meaning "to slither." The Apophis is seen in mythology as a giant evil snake, serpent, or dragon. Apophises are cunning, evil creatures with a quick mouth and a bad attitude. They love to play tricks on unsuspecting victims, and have evil means of intimidation. There are times when they'll even trick there owners. They are very tricky to catch because they know all the tricks in the book and can easily get away.

3. This is the Chaos Cat. Chaos Cats, often referred to as "CCs," are a cross between the Chaos Ferret and the Cheshire. The Chaos Ferrets were already cruel enough, and the Cheshires were always quite tricky, but combine them and you have a total mess on your hands. They can be mean, but mostly love to prank innocent bystanders. There's never a time when these cats aren't hurting or tricking another victim. They also seem to like the art of thievery. Since the Cheshires gave them the art of apparating, they use it to steal an object and quickly disappear before being noticed. The constant teasing and games is cause for some dislike among the cats, but they don't care. They simply smile and laugh it off. While these cats never open their eyes, they can't see, but their shadows can. Their shadows help them see everything around them and commit every cruel act of trickery they can manage. Their owners don't see what's wrong with them though. When their owners are around they are perfectly sweet and loving, and you would never suspect these cats of such foolery.

So for the Halloween theme, the Pygmy Shooter is supposed to be a haunted graveyard theme.

The Apophis is a jack-o-lantern.

And the Chaos Cat is simply a bat or black cat with a spider and web markings, bat wings, and a candy corn bow.

The other themes will be up later.

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