Montparnasse Picture

The vibrant capital of La Republic Consortium, Montparnasse (from “Mount Parnassus” – in Greek mythology, home to the nine Greek goddesses – the Muses – of the arts and sciences) is so named for it’s predominately hilly topography and that it became the first extra-terrestrial university in the Caeliverse. Originally settled in 1843, it was named La Nouvelle-France and in 1847 housed the first buildings of what would eventually become L’École des Beaux-Arts Universal where students from all over the Caeliverse would come to learn of art, architecture and the building sciences. The new name of Montparnesse was used colloquially but became official when the Republican government moved their capital here in 1854, just after the Anglicans did theirs. The world is considered a pinnacle of enlightenment and learning with grand displays of art and architecture wherever one goes. The world’s indigenous population, Les Gens Gris, are a tall, ash skinned race, fiercely tribal and who have split into two factions, one that have embraced the civility the Republicans have brought, and the latter who cling to their primitive dwellings far from cities and towns. Montparnasse has one solitary moon, Korrigan whose surface glows a smooth pale pink like rose quartz.

Cyborg Ivy
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