Timey Wimey Ponies Picture

So... I've been Pony-ing Thomas muse for a while now but never really got round to doing one of Taliesen. Any ways! He's a unicorn. THat's kinda been established for ages in my head were he any other mythological.

No that is not the Doctor he's with. That's actually Nexrad. Seen here! [link] He's kinda Brumbie looking, it occurs to me. Just thought he'd be a cute little Dun colored Brumbie/mustang pony.

In CoH they have kind of this prevailing personal joke that Nex is Tal's 'sort of Doctor'. Hence the Police Box. (Also, Tal actually resides in a home made mockup of a TARDIS he built with his sister. - it doesn't time travel... but it utilizes the pocket space tech that persists all over City.)

Anyways... Yeah, Nex's player is probably going to kill me now! *ducks and runs* Don't hate me because he's adorable!? Please?

Taliesen (C) me
Dr. Who (c) BBC
Nexrad (C)
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