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Final version of the comic entry.

The first few panels were obviously drawn on a different page. Initially, I wanted it to be short, but then my muse Sardona took up her whip and lashed me until I drew this. In the middle of the night.

I also drew those backgrounds and shaded in the middle of the night, and if I didn't beg like a dog, she wouldn't have stopped lashing me until I came up with something like Ravenloss.

And if I did that, I'd never finish in time. XD

This is after Vath's fall, obviously. The drow and dwarves should be living in harmony again, being more closely related than you'd expect. (Look up German mythology, drow and dwarves are basically the same make up.) Vath is a bit of a pariah now, and is constantly hunted down by fangirls and people who want his hair to get into Miltonius' playground. Or just weirdos who want his hair.

You know, this is actually one of my favorite works.

Any questions? Ask away!

Disclaimer: All I own are those two drow, and this comic. And the name is my character name from AQWorlds.

Edit: Well, I didn't win anything, but damn this was fun. XD

Hmm, maybe I should've submitted that one about Kimberly having a glass eye... Well, next time, I suppose, and I'll be better at this sort of thing by then.
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