Nephilliem Lullaby one Picture

For those of you who are totally lost on what the crap I am doing for this pic. Well, it goes a long with my HS comic. I am in the middle of beating El Shaddai: This is a video game that came out 2 years ago based off of the book of Enoch so....I felt like Angel/ human hybrid arting. Anyways the girl singing is Ami. Not Shadows...just Ami....cause I didn't want to let that OC go completely. So I ripped her away from the DP fandom and turned her into a character for this comic. In stead of being half ghost she is a Muse hybrid. Muses in greek mythology where spirits of inspiration. Ami here represents music!

Enoch, for those of you who don't know is part of the old testament in the Bible and predates Noah. It is said that Angels came down to Earth as watcher: to observe humanity, but something went wrong. After spending years on the earth the watchers became corrupted and fell in love with human woman.......basically they fucked a bunch of humans and.....had giant children with them....If you wanna know moar GOOGLE IT! XD
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