Mardigras Picture

Behind the funny faces......

“Mardi Gras”
>Aileen Geobee Uy

festive cheers ringing in my ears
laser lights and bottles of beer
the night is young, the party’s begun
of masked people behind the fun

throws of confetti in the air
find one, two, there’s no unlikely pair
but a flash of smile, then a phantom face leer
at an instant it’s all unclear

the jester, next, acquired the crowd
prancing, dancing, then merrily bowed
his voice echoed of sunshine rays
but in his eyes stood sadness at bay

ladies in feathers and pink hues
no terpsichorean, no mythological muse
revel in the majestic cabaret
of lives gone wretched and astray

underneath the mirth and shouts of glee
not everything is what it seems to be
troubled madness underneath it all
deception in this masquerade

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