“I used to oppose Scheidel's SHIELDS Treaty, but seeing what the SWORDS have become after we'd given them a second chance, I cannot help but think his benevolence is almost as useful as my deviousness.” ~ Tala 'Eclipse' Takashima, in a report to 'Aurora'.


- SHEATHES-700 is it's official name, but it has been called the Pearl of the Continuum by its trading partners.

- One of the many Portal Expansions, also called SHEATHES, owned by the SWORDS.

- Portal Expansions are created by having SEEDS Platform Realms open Ultraportals into Foreign Grounds, which are places that the SWORDS did not create themselves. Foreign Grounds can range from 'Astral Planes' to what SWORDS call 'Cosmic Existences'. Certain fortifications are then set up, solidifying the Territory claim.

- In the case of Omniversal Superclusters, a trio of Mega-Existences are made around the Ultraportal, which is 'buried' within a Central Realm. SHEATHES-700 chose the Jormugandr Grid for its area of operation. The name the reigning Monarchs gave their Mega-Existence Trio is 'The Eye of Mjolnir', in reverence to the weapon that would one day conquer the Midgard Serpent.

- The Designated Number of the Portal Expansion sent by the SWORDS into the Jormugandr Grid is '700', which entails a SHEATHES that will dominate manifold Omniverse Clusters. Whatever pathways it taken from its SEEDS Platform Realm is unknown, as those are guarded and isolated in all aspects and ways, at standards more strict than those governing lesser SHEATHES. However, what is known is that this SHEATHES was tailored to be 'perpetually' more ancient than the very first Creator-Type Beings, or any Faction that has existed before the earliest forms of Space-Time.

- Once a Portal Expansion is set up, it officially dons the title of 'SHEATHES' and is designated a number depending on how fast it has been designed to progress and develop. Portal Expansions are used for many purposes; they may be just as easily used for trash disposal as they are for conquest, and they are not always permanent. SHEATHES-700 was meant to be a conquest-based SHEATHES, which is why the majority of the Monarchs' Subjects are military-oriented.

- SHEATHES-700 is considered one of the more uncommon SHEATHES of the SWORDS. Not very many SHEATHES have a 'Sibling', wherein Monarchs, Subjects and Empire Styles are similar. 'Sibling-SHEATHES' are not identical, especially if one has a 'Higher Number' than the other. However, they are more closely-bonded than most others. In the case of SHEATHES-700, its 'Sibling' would be SHEATHES-10. Their Banners within a Wolfsbane Embassy are placed far from each other, symbolizing the difference in their power. However, their Banners are placed directly behind each other, almost creating a mirror image should one take a photograph, symbolizing their connection.

- SHEATHES-700 is also the faction Wolfsbane contacts to safeguard the planet of interest of THRESHOLDS-35, which is known as Firstgate-Earth due to it having been created to overlook a particular 'Earth' within a classified Target Zone. The Jormugandr Grid encompasses the prize of Firstgate-Earth, and the Bosses will send SHEATHES-700 in place of Wolfsbane's own, since the former will cause far less collateral damage.

- The following information is specific only to SHEATHES-700, unless directly stated otherwise.


- Much of SHEATHES-700's past cannot be salvaged, and the word 'salvaged' was used on purpose. SHEATHES-700 utilizes all sorts of Advanced Technologies, Higher Entities, and Cozen Powers that have turned their History and their Destiny into fuel. Essentially, where they exist, they only exist in the present. They have no presence in Alternate Realities, either. Any and all mentions of a 'SHEATHES-700' outside of Azegan Emissary Documents have taken place within Excells. That's not to say SHEATHES-700 Monarchs don't remember what their Empires have been through, neither does it mean that they can't see the future of their Subjects. They do, but that kind of knowledge belongs only to them. As such, within the borders of SHEATHES-700, History and Time are a bit of a red herring.

- Where the Mega-Existences that form SHEATHES-700's headquarters are 'located' is part of the reason why its existence is akin to a nasty anomaly. The SEEDS Platform Realm responsible for the Ultraportal opened within the Jormugandr Grid did not create SHEATHES-700's foothold within said Omniversal Supercluster. A single Mega-Existence alone can make clouds of Omniverses look like dust specks floating in an endless ocean. The 'The Eye of Mjolnir' is a direct part of the Foreign Grounds where the Jormugandr Grid is 'located', but at the same time it is not an actual feature of that particular Omniverse Supercluster; the Monarchs simply extend a tiny portion of it into their targeted Foreign Grounds. This is in contrast to the SEEDS Platform Realm that spawned SHEATHES-700. Even if SEEDS Platform Realms are made to be the 'clone' of a target Foreign Grounds, they utterly separate from and superior to their 'host', even with the 'link' created by Ultraportals.

- 'The Eye of Mjolnir' is made up of the aforementioned three Mega-Existences, that much has been stated. Each Mega-Existence plays home to an single Basic State, and is linked to a Central Realm with the title of 'Valkyrie', which is where War Games take place and where the Ultraportal is 'buried'. No one knows where the Fusion or Regal States are stashed.

- Mega-Existence 'Dagda' houses the Machina State of SHEATHES-700; Mega-Existence 'Osiris' houses its Arcana State, and Mega-Existence 'Tengri' houses its Natura State. Many niches may be found within a single Mega-Existence. Normal-sized Universes are mostly there for lower-tier Civilians. Pandimensional Locations may be used as the testing fields for more high-tier Ships and Entities. Monarchs are rumored to reside at the heart of their respective Mega-Existence.

- In terms of STABS, which are the colonies established by SHEATHES, the 'Eye of Mjolnir' has around nine billion, each spanning an Omniverse. The total area covered by all of SHEATHES-700's STABS (including the Eye of Mjolnir, but not it's main body from where the 'Eye' stems from) is around 0.1% of the Jormugander Grid. It is still an immense empire, considering the Jormugander Grid theoretically contains an infinite amount of Omniverses. However, it still means SHEATHES-700 has a lot of ground left to cover. It's not too big of a deal; the Monarchs who rule over the Pearl of the Continuum can take their time.

- Virtually every kind of terrain, dimension, and realm may be found within the 'Eye of Mjolnir' and its STABS. These have been known to range from Molten Planets to Multiverses that have taken form of Floating Landmasses. There is no Capital City, Homeworld or Core Realm within any one of the three Mega-Existences or the 'Valkyrie' Central Realm. Where the Monarchs choose to Manifest automatically shifts to accommodate them, transformed by their will alone.

- As usual, neither Monarch or Subject may venture out of their Empire Borders. The 'parameters' of SHEATHES-700 have to be extended like roads or roots for Troops and Explorers alike to go anywhere. Wolfsbane Boss Manifestations may also create 'bubbles' of SHEATHES-700 Territory, even through Portals, allowing the Monarchs and their forces to bypass this hindrance.


- All SHEATHES are stated to be 'ruled' by Monarchs, but in reality they're more 'directed' than 'ruled'. To rule entails the initiation of an order from a Monarch to his or her Subject, sometimes through lesser Commanders. Rather, all Subjects of any SHEATHES move and act as 'willed' by their Monarch, as if they were a body part or an afterthought. It is an extraordinary relationship, since Monarchs are also the 'sum totality' of their Subjects. It also means a Monarch can only act within the bounds of his or her underlings interests, unable to abuse them through tyranny.

- Monarchs are guided by Manifestations of the Wolfsbane Bosses, recorded by Manifestations of Azegan Emissaries, and exposed to 'boot camp' by Grim Artists.

- As with regular SWORDS Territories, the Monarchs are the heads of state, be they Emperor or Empress. Boss Manifestations only have more authority than they do if they are not unanimous. Emissary Manifestations, if they appear, are just observers. Grim Artists Manifestations appear at random; they do not announce when a mandatory 'purging' of the SHEATHES-700 will begin. Wolfsbane, Azegan, and Grim Renaissance Members show up depending on Monarch Expenditures, which are resources used by Emperors or Empresses to create a 'suitable host' for the former three to Manifest in. Monarchs are the only ones with the credentials to use their Expenditures to invoke a Boss Protocol or an Emissary Command. Grim Artist Manifestations are prepaid, as they are meant to ambush SHEATHES-700; they only grant Techniques to enemies of SHEATHES-700 in order to challenge the Monarchs more.

- No real form of government exists other than the 'Will of the Monarchs' and the War Games. The former gives rise to notions that the Monarchs form the 'core' of a hive mind; it's not too far from the truth, but the Monarchs are more than just the driving force behind their underlings. They are their Subjects, and their Subjects are them. War Games allow Subjects to pick their own fate; technically, they are still under the bounds of a Monarch, but the results of the War Games will be the deciding factor as opposed to the will of Emperors and Empresses alone. Some will consider War Games to be a computer simulation done within the minds of Monarchs, where Subjects are allowed to act independent of their Authority and Will for the sake of testing.

- SHEATHES-700 does not have a Neutral Policy like its Sibling SHEATHES. While SHEATHES-10 will not make friends or foes with any other civilization, SHEATHES-700 has a sizable roster of enemies and allies, and is quick to strike at either. From this, one can deduce that SHEATHES-700 is a Conquest-based asset of the SWORDS.


- Basic States: Fully Present. SHEATHES-700 has unlimited access to the Machina, Natura and Arcana States. Managed under independent Monarchs.

- Fusion States: Fully Present. SHEATHES-700 has unlimited access to the Divina, Bellua and Cybora States. Managed under the collaboration of two Monarchs.

- Regal States: Sometimes Present. SHEATHES-700 has free access to the Totala, Obscura and Fabula States. Managed under the synergy of three Monarchs.


- A tradition carried over from when the SWORDS (Settled Wolfsbane-Outermost 'Rogue Detachment' States) used to be FENS (Fringe Empires: Network States) of the Wolfsbane Syndicate. War Games are sessions of 'conflict' divided into five stages. The Opening Ceremony, the Battle Phase, the Ceasefire Phase, the War Phase, and the Closing Ceremony are each designed to keep the States on their toes. As stated earlier, politics, economics and various other matters may be decided via the War Games, not just the will of the Monarchs.

- War Games are of a decent size in SHEATHES-700. While they aren't as grand or large-scale as to cause collateral damage even with Monarchs sealing off the War Games Area, they have been known to span hundreds of Omniverses. Of course, the bigger the War Game Sessions a SHEATHES can employ on a regular basis, the faster it advances. SHEATHES-700, like any other SHEATHES, is in a state of constant development. It has come to a point where spies will infiltrate a STABS, return to their headquarters for debriefing, but by the time they have finished giving their reports the STABS they've just been to will have advanced far enough to render their stolen secrets obsolete.

- The Natura State, Machina State, and Arcana State within SHEATHES-700 have thousands of Banners each. A full listing cannot be compiled, but the current champions are known. The Omega Spires are the Champion Banner for the Machina State, the Deluges of Light are the Champion Banner for the Natura State, and the Gryphon Archmagi are the Champion Banner for the Arcana State.

- SHEATHES-700 War Games feature participation from the Fusion States and the Regal States.


- Bountiful. To say SHEATHES-700 is rich would be an understatement, and they are currently at their poorest. They have too many ways to generate an income for themselves to list, and those range from the Monarchs simply thinking raw materials into existence to Excell and Theoncell Harvests.

- SHEATHES-700 has earned its nickname 'The Pearl of the Continuum' due to its massive trading network. The Monarchs not only have access to their very own Wolfsbane Merchant, which cannot be said for many SHEATHES, but they also have entire STABS dedicated to making a profit. SHEATHES-700 has also been known to loan out troop to the highest buyer as Mercenaries. The Monarchs prefer legal enterprises, which is why their only connection to a Mafia is the one they have with the Wolfsbane Network.

- Money and Credits alike are nonexistent. The Monarchs divert resources and assets among their Subjects like the brain does with cells in a body: they go where they are needed, and they go where they are scheduled to go. Even commodities and prizes won via War Games are non-monetary, no matter how precious or valuable they are. Obviously, this poses a problem for trade relations with other empires, which is why SHEATHES-700 has created its own currency for enterprises outside of its own circle. This is uncommon among SHEATHES, which usually adopt the most suitable currency from any neighbors.

- Non-SHEATHES Cosmic Beings are a valuable commodity within SHEATHES-700. Most of Wolfsbane Theoncell Harvests that go to the SWORDS are for Hyperkingdom usage only. Excells can be used to take and drain entities of anything worthwhile, which is why SHEATHES-700 Monarchs are also in the business of collecting Higher Entities for their larders, ranging from Planet-Level Reality-Warpers to Omnipotent Creators. Granted, they're nowhere near the caliber of Wolfsbane Cosmic Entities, but they have their purpose. Lower-Tier Cosmic Beings, for example, are often sealed into the core star of a planetary system, acting as custodians. Lower-Tier Cosmic beings can even be integrated into Spaceships, used as a source of energy, or as an all-knowing AI, or as 'trump card' to ravage an enemy world from orbit. Using non-SHEATHES Cosmic Beings frees those created by Natura-State Emperor for more important jobs.


- Lesser Emperor Temujin is the Monarch of SHEATHES-700's Natura State. Like all Monarchs, he has been known to take on many forms. He can be a Person (a tanned, lordly teenager decked in heavy furs and leather) or he can be a Vessel (a living, thinking planet) and has absolute reign over his Subjects. Emperor Temujin commands all sorts of natural entities, from the mundane Alien Organisms used to populate SHEATHES-700 STABS, to Cosmic Beings who manage the 'Tengri' Mega-Existence.

- Lesser Emperor Ramses is the Monarch of SHEATHES-700's Arcana State. Like all Monarchs, he has been known to take on many forms. He can be a Person (an old, ghostly man in long robes topped off with a pointy hat) or he can be a Construct (a city-sized array of towers made of crystal and energy) and has absolute reign over his Subjects. Emperor Ramses commands Mythical assets from all-seeing Oracles to Enchantments that may summon or dismiss armies of Titans within any location.

- Lesser Empress Boudicca is the Monarch of SHEATHES-700's Machina State. Like all Monarchs, she has been known to take on many forms. She can be a Person (a cold, lovely woman within a high-tech battle-suit) or she can be a Weapon (a gun that unleashes a Big Bang with each shot) and has absolute reign over her Subjects. Empress Boudicca commands Technology and Mecha with capabilities that border on ridiculous. It was her idea to use SHEATHES-700 'itself' as a source fuel using Excells.

- Note: Monarch Authority is in full effect. Because SHEATHES-700 is a mature and successful SHEATHES, its Monarchs have a corresponding level of power. As usual, they may only take action within the boundaries of their SHEATHES and STABS, but unlike the Monarchs of SHEATHES-10, their capabilities are absolute. There have been reports of the SHEATHES-700 Monarchs going toe to toe with Empires made entirely of all-powerful Deities, emerging victorious without a scratch. The last time someone fired a Superweapon at a STABS belonging to SHEATHES-700, it was swatted aside barehanded by Emperor Temujin, leaving the colony unharmed while the surrounding Omniverses were destroyed by the blast.


- Machina: It is rumored that for every subatomic particle within the average Omniverse, Empress Boudicca has an innumerable standing military force. There is a peculiar occurrence here: normally, Natura State Monarchs are the ones who favor a numbers-based attack style, using expendable biological units that overwhelm powerful targets through attrition. Empress Boudicca not only challenges the technological prowess of advanced civilizations, but she also puts to shame any 'relentless swarms' she comes across with the rates she is able to churn out armies. She makes quantity and quality work together in ways that are almost obscene. An example of a Military Subject from the Machina State is the SeR-Dyson Railgun, which is an immense Cannon that teleports itself into a position to envelop a celestial body (like a planet or a star) in order to launch it like a bullet.

- Natura: Like the way Empress Boudicca has taken on a tactic more comfortably employed by a Monarch of the Natura State, Emperor Temujin has given himself to strategy that Arcana State Monarchs usually go for: he favors special abilities over brute strength. For instance, every one of his Subjects are capable of using 'naturally-occurring' Psychokinesis. Many are infused with Nth-Dimensional Energies or minute amounts of Cosmic Powers, allowing them to manipulate Reality to a lesser extent. That's not to say Emperor Temujin's Subjects have no raw power; fact is their wallop is really only exceeded by their secret skills. An example of a Military Subject from the Natura State is the 'Gaia Snail', which is a gastropod-like creature that disguises itself as an ordinary planet, down to its Inner Core, to lure unsuspecting visitors who soon become fertilizer.

- Arcana: As one has probably guessed by now, Emperor Ramses has adopted a Machina State way of thinking with his military. He dwells in the fields of experiments and invention as much as the fields of fantasy and the supernatural. As such, he is seen calling forth objects animated by Cozen more than mythical beings. If he does rely on sentient troops, they are equipped with gear that borders on the 'Magitek' of the Divina State. Really, the only thing barring him from being a Divina State Monarch is that such a role is not available to Lesser Monarchs. Despite being a bit of an innovator, he does have a respect for the classics. An example of a Military Subject from the Arcana State is the Elemental Avatar, which is an animated mass of Elemental Energies. They are to be distinguished from Natura Elemental Beings, which are Physical Elements given Natural Life.

- Cybora: When Emperor Temujin and Empress Boudicca link States, the result is a faction that is almost hard for even the Monarchs to keep from multiplying out of control. To prevent Cybora populations from going wild, both Emperor Temujin and Empress Boudicca must continuously dismiss unwanted troops into their reserves. The Cybora State of SHEATHES-700 is notorious for its 'battefield-grown' fleets, where a single cybernetic seed turns into a torrent of devastating living vessels. An example of a Military Subject from the Cybora State is the XoX-Hyperglutton, which is a living spaceship whose individual cells are comprised of extra-powerful (and extra-massive) Gravitational Singularities.

- Bellua: When Emperor Ramses and Emperor Temujin link States, the result is a faction that rivals the SHEATHES-700 Cybora State in terms of sheer manpower. While not quite able to match the mass-production capabilities of Cybora Hive-Factories, even with Cozen's logic-breaking capabilities, the Bellua State more than makes up for it with their unimaginable mixture of Genetics and 'Magics'. A herd of 'eternally self-cloning' Mutated Genies is capable of ruining anybody's day. An example of a Military Subject from the Bellua State is the 'Matriarcosm', which is a beast that would be hard-pressed to fit inside a universe, and it is constantly 'giving birth' to masses of celestial bodies, like galaxies.

- Divina: When Empress Boudicca and Emperor Ramses link States, the result is a faction that causes more disbelief than any other individual State. Logic and Fallacy give birth to an offspring that laughs in the face of all Sciences and Magics. 'Ridiculous' is the word fit to describe the capabilities and potency of Divina Subjects, who seemingly have a reply to everything others will try to brandish. When High-Tech and Supernatural meet, the sky is not the limit; it is barely the beginning. An example of a Military Subject from the Divina State is the Dei Ex Machina Computer, which is a contraption that uses Divina Code to 'reprogram' Space-Time itself, or 'substitute' its Virtual Realities over any others.

- Totala: Largely unknown. Tyrant Beasts and Cosmic Beings have been sighted.

- Obscura: Largely unknown. Perfect Devourers and Void Wyrms have been sighted.

- Fabula: Largely unknown. Apex Artists have Grand Muses been sighted.


- Machina: Advanced; Empress Boudicca favors defensive equipment that makes her Subjects harder to eliminate than they are to create. An example of Machina Technology is the JlG-Supraversal Chasis, which is a unique armor that is equipped to Vehicles and Vessels. Anything wearing a JlG-Supraversal Chasis exists within an artificial domain, one that is detached from all dimensions and existences. Interaction with a Target Universe happens through Portals that resemble the Vessel or Vehicle outfitted with the JlG-Supraversal Chasis. These Portals are made out of SHEATHES-700 Space, meaning they cannot be affected, used or closed by outsiders. Essentially, it eliminates the need for shielding. Enemy firepower, no matter where it is created or comes from, will never touch a fleet under the protection of the JlG-Supraversal Chasis. A variant of this Technology is the KlG-Supraversal Chasis, which doesn't 'protect' an outfitted vessel outfitted with a personal, customizable domain that it owns. Instead, it allows an outfitted vessel to 'trap' enemies into said domain. Any prisoner caught this way is doomed. Even Reality-Warpers cannot escape, as the vessel in question can make it so that there is no Reality to Warp.

- Cybora: Super-Advanced; Emperor Temujin and Empress Boudicca favor inventions capable of performing Cosmic feats without actually being Cosmic. An example of Cybora Technology is the MkX-Macro-Data Cerebrum, which is a Synthetic Brain that exists above the Omega Point, Akashic Records, and Logoic Plane of a Target Omniverse. From its Vantage Point it observes and records everything about everything on a 'perfect level'. Basically, it sees Macro-Data, which are the 'facts beyond facts about facts beyond facts' ad infinitum. While the standard MkX-Macro-Data Cerebrum is not equipped with gear to manipulate Macro-Data, it cannot be deceived. An attempt to conceal a fugitive will register as if the MkX-Macro-Data Cerebrum is the author of a book, reading through the notes that had it had personally written. No variants have been documented. It is questionable whether a variant is even needed. All information, no matter where it is stored or recorded, or how well-protected or well-hidden, is naked and bare before this living mechanism.

- Divina: Advanced; Emperor Ramses and Empress Boudicca favor items that turn what most would believe to be 'ridiculous' and 'illogical' into an asset. An example of Divina Technology is the Red Queen Reactor, which is a device that 'considers' the highest source of energy in an area, then generates double the amount of energy that their 'target' provides. The Cozen Modus within them allows the creation of this energy from nothing. Red Queen Reactors get their name from a portion of the story 'Alice in Wonderland', harnessing the dilemma posed by Red Queen's Race to put the competition where it belongs: in second place. Those who would surpass this kind of energy output cannot, because as soon as they make improvements or progress, Red Queen Reactors instantly calculates and exceeds their advancements. A variant of this Technology is the Red Queen Railgun, which operates on the same principles, except instead of generating power it generates destruction. A Red Queen Railgun locks onto the highest source of damage in an area and immediately surpasses it. To unveil a Superweapon in the presence of a Red Queen Railgun is tantamount to using said Superweapon on oneself multiple times in one go. Other variants can even consider the overall power of a faction, immediately and continuously surpassing it, even if it possess a similar or superior capability.


- Natura: Highly-Evolved; Emperor Temujin favors adaptations that propel his Subjects to transcend mere fleshly change. An example of Natura Biology is the 'Cruxagen-based' Organism, which entails a creature whose very essence does not stem from common materials like Carbon or Silicon. Cruxagen is a weird 'matter' created by Emperor Temujin, and it follows a 'nature' that can't be found anywhere else. Cruxagen chains performs similar functions to DNA, namely the synthesis of complex proteins that allow a body to form and function. However, the shape and chemical composition of Cruxagen make it incompatible for assimilation by any other life form. One cannot simply fabricate Cruxagen either, as it is not an atom formed by any combination of Neutrons, Protons or Electrons; it is the will of Emperor Temujin himself. No variants have been documented.

- Bellua: Evolved; Emperor Ramses and Emperor Temujin favor species that can overwhelm any Empire not just with numbers, but with its abilities. An example of Bellua Biology is the Wishing Organ, which is a collection of tissues that works best among more sociable Bellua Subjects. 'Wishing Organs' are comprised of many 'glands', but four most important ones are tasked with the 'respiration', 'mastication', 'storage', and 'secretion' of Cozen Energies as a nigh-imaginary 'bolus'. This glob of Cozen is tailored during the 'mastication' stage to respond to the thoughts of valid entities. Once enough Cozen energies have accumulated, they are discharged upon request and immediately conform to the specifications of the chosen Target's desires, essentially granting it a wish, one whose potency depends on the size of the 'Wishing Organ'. A variant of this Biology is the 'Summoning Organ', with tissues that manipulate Cozen in accordance with a selected Genetic Blueprint. 'Summoning Organs' devote themselves to creating Entities, many of which can be made up on the spot. Once enough Cozen has been gathered, the 'Summoning Organ' discharges it, officially unleashing the Being in question to do its Master's bidding.

- Cybora: Evolved; Empress Boudicca and Emperor Temujin favor creature strains that produce upgraded descendants at horrific speeds. An example of Cybora Biology is the KlF-MicroQuantum Plague, which is an entire 'infectious biosphere' on a scale many times smaller than that of the Quantum Realm, achieved through a combination of Cybora Code and a slough of Shrink-Ray Devices. The obvious question here is why the Monarchs would bother creating beings too tiny to be measured by Plancks, beings that technically don't exist due to the 'Werner Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle'. The mechanics are questionable, but Empress Boudicca and Emperor Temujin's answers go somewhere along the lines of allowing SHEATHES-700 to 'manipulate' the Quantum Realm using a way similar to how bacteria or viruses would infiltrate a body. No variants have been documented.


- Arcana: Fantastical; Emperor Ramses favors spells and enchantments with an almost scientific twist to them. An example of Arcana Mythology is the Nihila Element, which is a unique 'Magic' that acts like the 'perfect opposite' of any Elemental Energy or Elemental Essence. Application-wise, the Nihila Element will always 'cancel out' any Classical Element, namely Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. It retains this ability even against non-traditional Elements, which may range from Metal to Chaos, Light to Darkness, or even Time to Nothingness. Some have surmised that this is due to the Nihila Element being the polar negative of the very concept of Elements, or any 'base components' of any given Existence. The Nihila Element looks like a darker shade of whatever Element it is currently touching, and has no real properties of its own. No variants have been documented.

- Divina: Fantastical; Empress Boudicca and Emperor Ramses favor Cozen Modi that remove any 'logical barriers' that may hinder their already-devastating Technologies. An example of Divina Mythology is the Celestial Array Constellation, which is quite simply a Magic Circle that takes place on a extreme scale. These gargantuan designs blaze with Cozen Glyphs, Runes, and a host of other Magical Script. Celestial Array Constellations, while not quite on par with Celestial Array Nebulae, require Stars to form. They are commonly assembled within SHEATHES borders prior to being transported out, since manufacturing them outside the influence of the Monarchs is difficult. Their effects are always mind-blowing. The Fimbulwinter Array Constellation, for example, can encase whole Omniverses in a solid, absolute-zero block of ice. A Variant of this Mythology is the Celestial Array Multiverse, which requires Universes to be arranged into a Magic Circle. While available to SHEATHES-700, Celestial Array Multiverses have never actually been deployed. It is said that to use one would not only endanger the entire Jormugander Grid and any Omniverses outside it, but the 'Eye of Mjolnir' itself; such is the potency of these Arrays.

- Bellua: Legend-Fantastical; Emperor Temujin and Emperor Ramses favor broods that are versatile enough to perform well within any situation, no matter how unexpected or unfavorable. An example of Bellua Mythology is the 'Inverted Karma Mutation', which is an 'upgrade' commonly used on more aggressive Bellua Subjects. Whenever something with an 'Inverted Karma Mutation' harms or destroys anything, Karma (if Karma doesn't exist somewhere, this Mutation creates its own Karma) rewards it with good fortune instead of punishing it with bad fortune. Just what the 'good fortune' will be can and will vary. Sometimes, the Bellua Subject might dodge death, or chance upon great wealth. Point is, the 'Inverted Karma Mutation' reverses negative consequences that may result from any 'wrongdoings' done, no matter how severe. No variants have been documented.


- Wolfsbane Boss 'Patrons': Dante Vulfuris, Damien Lucanis, Valeria Northorn, Lee Northorn, Bellatrice Dupont, Zhao Magellan Cortez, Scheidel von Eisenhower, Tala Takashima, Richard Staggobha, Masserian Terranova, Antonov Vosali, and Gerard Ekundu are available for Summons.

- Azegan Emissary 'Watchers': 'Zaeorin', 'Castybel', 'Sarganis', 'Aikhazel' and 'Keitaro' are available for Summons.

- Renaissance Artist 'Villains': Giovanni von Dominus, Theodore Drakenforga, Tobias Leon Gogh, Joshua Dsiorpov, Yuri Tenmache, Mortimer du Noiregale, Shiloh Weston, Lin Xiaofang, Kerah Muriko Shamshir, and Nubia Boramawe are available for Summons.


- All Protocols, Commands and Techniques are of the 'Free Use' Type, meaning they may be activated by Monarchs, their Sources, and are generally available to everyone who is 'Valid' (capable, allowed and informed enough) to spend Expenditures for their activation.

- Boss Protocols from all twelve members of the Wolfsbane Syndicate are available. The Monarchs of SHEATHES-700 are commonly known for invoking the Virga Ferrea and the Terra Ascensorem Protocols.

- Emissary Commands are unknown.

- Artist Techniques are unknown.

- Even if they are omnipotent within and over their SHEATHES, fully-fledged Lesser Monarchs must turn to the Bosses when a patch of Foreign Grounds not under their Monarch Authority needs influencing. Perhaps there is a place that needs to be manipulated so that SHEATHES-700 troops may arrive? Reasons abound. While Protocols, Commands or Techniques are not cheap, some of them hinge on how much the Monarch expended, meaning smaller Expenditures in exchange for weaker (but more frequent) Protocols/Commands could be a more cost-effective method. Since SHEATHES-700 has an excessive amount of wealth, they can invoke extra-powerful Protocols.


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