Draw Or Die Picture

Ok, Here we go. This is for every artist who ever experienced creative procrastination, and you know who you are, lol. Ok ok, so we all have gone through those moments at some point or another.

Here's the impression of this piece: Us creative folks had continued past the doodling stage of our childhood while others stopped! whether from external influences or some internal impulse, we have developed those youthful creative urges into bonified graphic/creative skills. But at times other occurrences in life take our attention away from this creative passion. Sometimes for days, weeks, months or years and as we all know by now, life is full of multitasking, but at times we forget about this creative side and give in to other 'grown up' responsibilities and neglect our true passion that brings us a real sense of joy when we are active in it. The title here is saying if you dont give into and let loose your creative urges to create, you're simply suffocating that side of yourself, hence dying.

These 5 characters represent a sort of graphic muse à la the muses of ancient Greek mythology (no detail of the Muse myth was used as inspiration, just a quick reference as i typed this).

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