Yours truely, Laure Picture

What should people know about me?
They should know that I am a sheep in wolf clothing.

I grin as I tap my green pen against my teeth rhythmlessly. Looking around, I stare at the shelves lined with books and the bay window without seeing them. Thunder booms outside ominously making me jump, and rain starts to patter on the large pane, obstructing the light and making the inside room grey. Musingly I sigh. What DO you people need to know about me?

Name: Laure Elisabeth Kathleen McLean
Nicknames: El, Lola
Birthdate: 29 February 1988
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Residence: London, Ontario Canada
Siblings: Brother Named Graeme
Origin: Lithuanian, French, Scottish
Languages: French, English, plays with Japanese^^
Education: mostly through secondary school.
Eyes: steel grey to dark blue
Hair: long golden ash brown (to my lower back)
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 63kg
American: 7.5
Marital status: free as a bird, dumb as a stone.
Religion: agnostic, animist, swaying towards Buddhism (now converted to Buddhism)
Diet: unstrictly vegetarian for the sake of the animals
Mentality: Purposely different. Neo-hippie. Gyppie. pseudo-intellectual. Happy-pessimistic-romantic. Artistic. Bohemian. Contrary. Irresponsible. Procrastinator. Spontaneous. Day Dreamer. Imaginative. Idealist. Poet. Verbal jouster. Melodramatic.
Art. Romantic settings. Libraries. Green. Video games. RPGs. Water. Fantasy. Magic. Fiction. Mythology. Books. Humour. Animals. Comics. Music. Dragons. Bugs. Climbing trees. Anime. Different cultures. Accents. Exotic everything.
Singing in choirs. Playing Ps2, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance and computer. Reading Fantasy. Watching movies. Talking on msn. Doing scandalous things. Getting in trouble for doing scandalous things. Laughing afterwards.
Stories. Poems. Songs.
Manga: Hair Envy. Gesture sketches. Nature (animals, botany, scenes). People. Comic strip.
Comics. Dragons. Books. Shells. Stuffed animals. Stamps. Words. Quotes. Pictures by favourite illustrators. Exotic music from everywhere and when.
Socks. Dresses (but puts up with them). People poking me. Racism. Sexism. People cutting down trees. Leather industry. Sweat shops. Boring soap operas. Monotones. Being tied down. Rules. The shade of Black. Off key singing. Crowds.
Sports: swimming, volleyball. (Note: afraid of balls)
# Movies: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Amélie, Beatles movie: help, the Truman show , Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon , Donny Darko, Shindler’s list, Ghost World, Billy Elliot, Farris Buller’s day off
# Genre of music: rock, Latin, classical, hip hop
# Musicians: The Beatles, Kyo, Donovan, Las ketchup, Queen
# Songs:
Legend of a girl-child Linda by Donovan
La Chemin by Kyo
Feelin' groovy by Simon and Garfunkel
Eleanor Rigby and Help! by THE Beatles
The world is not enough by Garbage
Numb by Linkin Park
The ketchup song by Las Ketchup
Going under by Evanescence
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
The Reason by Hoobaskank
# Artists: Kay Neilson, Caravaggio
# Writers: Victor Hugo, Philippe Pullman, Tamora Pierce, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, J.K. Rowling
# Styles of art: Baroque, Impressionist, graphic, animation& Japanimation (ANIME!!)

I chuckle to myself. So, is this enough? Or should I share more, make it interesting... perhaps throw in an anecdote about Turtle Island or about how I have the sudden urge to lay on my back and float down a random river just to see where I'll end up?

I drop my shoulders and my attention diverts again to the manga I am writing called `Hair envy`. The main character has just been kicked sky-high by the cold Amazon warrior that all anime needs. No... they’ll just have to send me a note if they want more.

Contented with what I wrote, I get up from my chair and fumble on my wrist for my hair scrunchee. Forgetting my anime, I leave it half finished and stride to my room to read a chapter (or 5) of my book.

________________________________________ ________________________________________ _______________________________________

Inspiration: Namely,
Details: I looked in the mirror in the morning, but otherwise this was done completely without reference. I wanted to try my hand at memory, because that is what excecises talent. I did the conture drawing at home with my reflection, and then i did the rest during first period math between note-taking. Some details such as hair and glasses were added a little later, but otherwise it was all done in during quadratics.

I used:
My lovely heavy sketch paper that i waste so oftan. It's such a joy to work on!!
0.7 HB mechanical pencil (I have 2 whole sets of artist pencils and i use THAT piece of plastic!! oh meh!)
Paper blending stomp
pencil's eracer, larger eracer
my glasses as models

Note: people keep on saying this looks like me! I KNOW i took artistic licence...but... still! Apparently she looks "demure"
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