Muses Picture

Presenting the muses. Mythological women of intrigue, beauty, magic, but above all creative inspiration.

But the thing is, Ive often believed fantasy and reality are intermixed and I have found evidence of that in this image. You see this picture is two things. One, it is my single greatest artwork made entirely on the computor ^^ and Two, it is actualy not fantasy but a dedication to three girls I know. They all live in the same town and are the best of friends. They each are talented in differant things and there diverse creative arts has lead me to dub them the muses ^^

Coral: My dear freind Coral is a sculpture and is very intune with earth as can be seen in her personality.

Ellie: is an artist who loves to do various styles of art as well as be her everchanging self. She is alot like water in my eyes.

Hannah: is a musician and her love of musical sound has lead me to regard her as a wind like lady, as has her flighty and fun personality.

I hope always to be able to call these ladies my freinds and will definantly enjoy the time I spend with them. Heres to my muses who inspire me and whom I protect.
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