Protector Picture

The blonde haired boy sat in the corner of the large cavern, a few yards away from the mouth, and the harsh elements of the Norse mountains. His legs were drew up against chest, and arms wrapped around his knees, and chin resting on them. The child's blue eyes stared blankly across to the other side of the cave, where the creature he was sharing the cavern with, was resting, it's great head faced away from the tiny boy.

This creature was a dragon, and a massive one, at that, easily taking up at least half of the cave. The thin layer of fur that covered it's body was a purple-grey colour, and the mane that ran from the top of it's head to the tip of it's tail was silver. It's large, wolf-like blue eyes were now closed, and it's wings were folded up against it's flank. It's chest rose and fell with every steady breath. A far cry from the boy, who only wore a thin white gown, and nothing more; a bad idea in these mountains. This became evident by, every so often, the general loud, steady breathing from the dragon, was interrupted by a soft sneeze or cough from the child, and his continuous shivering.

A sudden burst of wind left the boy with his head buried in his arms, and his legs as close to his body as he could possibly manage, in a vain attempt to preserve body heat. He let out a small whimper, which collapsed into a volley of coughs.

Something tapping against his shoulder made him cry out in suprise. Looking up, the beast opposite him had shifted it's position, and was now staring down at him, it's blue eyes slightly wider than normal. His own eye's widened greatly, and he shrank back against the wall of the cave, staring up at the dragon in amazement. Looking to his right, he saw the creatures tail, the furred tip twitching in irregular intervals. Returning his attention to the dragon, he watched as it stood up, and felt his heart sink. Was it leaving? Although they rarely, if ever, interacted, the creature gave him some comfort in it's prescance. Nothing would dare attack a dragon of it's size. But, to his confusion, it lay back down again, in front of the mouth of the cave, it's gaze never leaving his.

He felt the soft tail tip against his body again, this time snaking it's way right around him. He sneezed when several stray strands brushed against his nose, and tightened his grip when he was raised from the ground, and brought towards the dragon's flank, where he was sat beside it's stomach. The dragon's left wing was raised, as to shield the two from any winds that entered.

The boy stroked the soft fur on the dragons body, then looked up at it again, and saw that he was no longer the centre of it's attention. Leaning against the fur, his tiny hand clutched some of the fur, and he breathed in the scent of the beast; earthy, like the mountains, yet something else. A scent he had not came across in a long, long time.

A milkly smell, that from you're mother.


I totally had to write a mini fanfic for this. How else would I be able to explain little!Norway with a dragon?

Yay for randomly changing Norse Goddess into dragons. (Yes, the dragon is Frigga, wife of Odin, and mother to all. Including Norway.)

Good God it was hard to write that damn fanfic without calling Norway Norway, cause he wouldn't be called that, yet, now would he?

Anyway, seen as I pretty much killed my muse writing that FF. I'll just talk about the drawing.
God it took a long time.
Especially the lineart.
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