CR_OC: Faye Rouzenheartz Picture

Yosh, this is the stats of my OC, Faye Rouzenheartz~!!

Faye Rouzenheartz
Side : Villain
Canvas : Requiem of Sirens
Gender : Female
Age : 20 yro
Birthday : July 29th
Height : 162 cm
Hair colour : Dark blue, almost black
Eye colour : Gold
Origin : West Germany, but grow up at Greece since 7 yro until 18 yro
Occupation : idol (mainly singer, but also photoshoot’s model, brand’s endorsement and occasionally act in a movie)
Signature line : “Do you hear it, my voice…?”
Signature item : Requiem of Sirens pedant, the heirloom of Rouzenheartz clan

Weapon : She got no weapon since she’s a magic user, but her pedant is a medium source of her magic’s energy. Her pets are self-consciousness weapon, they act without command, but exist to protect her.

Ability :
Faye is strategic and mid-long ranged fighter, since her close combat ability is so-so. She trained her agilty and flexibility, but her power is weak—she’s more suited to magic combat.

Her abilities during normal mode:
# Siren’s requiem: ability to control the people’s mind using certain hidden pitch in her voice. Faye usually gains ability to control her victim at least 5 minutes if the victim is a strong-willed, but able to control the victim for whole 24 hours if the victim is a weak-willed. However, the more people she try to control, she need greater energy to do it.
# Siren’s melody: simpler version of Siren’s requiem, Faye will gain the ability to control her victim’s body (not the mind), but only for one minutes since it didn’t took much energy to do it.
# Air and water manipulation: Faye has a little ability to control air and water since the Rouzenheartz clan was said as the descendant of Sirens. She didn’t use this ability much, but able to use kamataichi and water dance because of this ability.
# Song-spells: from her heirloom. The song-spells required a great sum of concentration and energy, but got spectacular effect. Faye’s specialities are the healing song and some short battle spells.

She got the ability to transform herself into Tiamat, her true siren form, when she went berserk. Tiamat is the name of sea goddess from Babylonian mythology. Please note that siren =/= mermaid. Siren got legs and wings instead of fins, and they could live both in land and sea. During Tiamat mode, her abilities are tripled, but she barely lose control of herself.

Pet : three shikigamis in sheep form.
Their code names are Alpha, Beth and Tert.

Personality :
Faye is usually absent-minded. She acts poker face, but actually thoughtful. A pacifist, but when she got mad, she’s really scary. She loves fancy clothes and cute things. In her spare time, she usually makes some craft—but will easily bored. She likes to experiment with her cookings, mainly pastry and western food. A die hard fan of tom yam, but her recipes for it is basically stu-surprised a.k.a put any ingredients tom-yam-able into the pot; thanksfully they are usually delicious as the result. She is also a bookworm, and recently tried to write. Due Beth's influence, she gradually turned into a fujoshi.

History :
Rouzenheartz Clan was originated from West Germany. It’s said sirens are their ancestor, as some of the descentdants obtained the ability to sing the song-spells. Sirens are famous for their songs, since they lured the sailor and controlled their mind—and the clan was able to do the same thing to their victims using a certain pitch in their voices.

Unfortunately, some bad guys assassinated the clan to obtained one of Rouzenheartz’s heirloom, the Requiem of Sirens pedant. For non-Rouzenheartz, the pedant works as their power amplifier. Faye lost her parents and most of her clans during the incident, and leaving to Greece with her cousins—Seth and Noah when she’s 7 years old. She lives a peaceful life until the bad guy tracked them and once again tried to anihilated them—the incidents forced Seth and Noah to sacrificed themselves as Faye’s shikigami deities.

Seth’s sacrifice ritual was using Faye’s love and memories of Seth, therefore Faye lost most of her memories; and forget the fact that Alpha is actually Seth—she forget that she used to in love with him, or even the fact that he’s her cousin. She was 18 years old when the incident happened, and travelled around the world before she permanently moved to Indonesia since she got scouted as an idol.

She later joined Canvas Ranger’s villain since the bad guys that assassinated her clan were the henchmen of an rich painter who obsessed with the pedant in order to achieve eternal muse. The selfish wish destroyed her life, and Faye swore to revenge.

Faye Rouzenheartz (c) me

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