Mermaid Picture

2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Prismacolor Premier Fineline Marker and Winsor & Newton Artist's Watercolour on 140lb watercolor paper from Strathmore.

Another ACEO, this time done in a style that reminded me of tinted scrimshaw more than anything else. I've avoided doing anthros or any mythological creatures except the gryphons way back when I wrote The Necromancer's Tale, but I see so many mermaids by friends of mine and know they're a popular subject... and tonight when *ziza-66044 came over, we talked about what to do and I tossed the idea that I was considering doing one. She jumped on it and said "Yes, let's do mermaid night"

The Muse of the Mermaid was with us. Hers came out incredibly well too, and I'm going to link it once she posts it and I have a Deviation to link. Totally different in style, both of us really outdid ourselves. I love finally grasping that eighteenth or nineteenth century pen drawing style that I loved as a kid, and now that I've done this I may do lots of other mythological beings.

One of those rare times something came out exactly as I wanted it to, exactly as I conceived it. That is so wild to me, I'm so thrilled when it happens!

I've posted it for
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