Sefu Pixel Art Picture

I keep forgetting that, its click download to enlarge. I don't know why DA removed the feature of just clicking a gif to enlarge it. Its damn annoying.


This is Sefu. He is a Bastet, Servant of Bast.

Bastets are actually known to have like 3 or 4 forms, but here are his two.

Human-like Form, and Cat form. This life time his cat form is an Egyptian Mau, next lifetime, who knows.

When a Bastet dies they don't really die just thier body dies. Thier spirit moves on to the nearest ( i think its the nearest) unborn kitten. They retain all their past memories, this is for benefit of the Godess Bast who may or may not find use in those memories.

Sefu actually has a long interesting history, from Ramses the great to Da Vinci, to present. If anyone wants to actually read his past I'd be more than happy to post it or send it to you to read.

Now about the picture, this has actually been done for a long time. Im acutally attempting to render a completely pixel background (1024x768 for the wall paper on my computer) for this image, but at the moment it is unfinished.

Sefu was once a Role playing character of mine but is now just a muse. He has a rather interesting female friend though named Brina who is a selkie. Don't yell at me for mixing mythologies, Brina isn't my character xD.

For those of you who aren't aware, though you should be able to tell from his clothing, A bastet and the Godess Bast, is from Egyptian Mythology.

Im pleased with how his clothing turned out. I couldn't decide if i liked him better with or without the headdress. Im proud of both his hair and the headdress.

The Jewelry on the cat version of him is mainly a joke. I wore it in Egyptian times(some of it, some of it is just for fun) but mainly now he does not. Because in modern times it'd be kind of funny for a cat to walk around with such tings on.

The one reason and the one reason only this is NOT transparent is because, the white attire is hard to see on a white background.

Oh and the base was by someone, I dont remember anymore, but I altered it so much, that it hardly looks like the original. Even the pose is a little different.
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