Magical Boy Anubis Picture

Just going to copy my rambling from my tumblr because I'm tired.


Okay so this is a thing

that I drew.

One day I was just kind of musing on a silly idea of magical girls/boys based off of Egyptian gods…

It kind of ran away from me. A lot. Expect more of these ‘cause I have 6 main kids to do. 2 villains too.

So this one is Andrew, who is sort of the mortal reincarnation of Anubis and can channel the god’s powers and stuff when transformed. He’s also got a large Ankh axe staff thing because… I said so.

He’s in college and is an Anthropology major. His hobbies include videogames, comics, movies, world mythologies, ancient cultures, and being a lazy shit all day. Eventually rooms with his teammate Seth (Set, if that wasn’t obvious) because the dorms are expensive as all fuck. He gets along well with his teammates for the most part, though he’s a sarcastic little shit so fights happen here and there. He is also the shortest kid in the group and has some issues with his height. Samantha (Sekhmet) likes to tease him about it, but they’re good friends.

Oh, and everyone has a energy visor thing in the shape of their animal head/whatever. I am lazy as shit so I’m, not going to draw those yet, I will probably after I finish everyone though.
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