Meet Urania Picture

*Gggaaaahhhhh !!!*
i'm so dead tired !!! and my ass is as flat as the surface of my chair !!! poor ass...
anyway !! hmm...well...this was not what i really wanted it to be...but it turned out...o-kay...
i spent so much time on it that i had to submit it NOW !! at 2:26a.m i was so F***ed up...i didn't even bother to make a proper background...shame on me...
as luck would have it though...while putting on the stars and working my brain for a name....i ended up with the idea of naming her Urania, the muse of Astronomy-from Who's Who In Mythology
(thank you sister for buying those in-my-whole-life-i'll-never-read books well..then...what else can i say?
Ladies and babies...Meet Urania
P.S: credit goes to Crysa [link] for her inspiring tutorials on how to draw and paint manga
PS2: forgot to mention...and i MUST !! i did this wholly with a mouse!! poor me has not tablet ! boohoohoo
so not only my ass...but my hand too has gone flat
the improved version...[link]
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