Pulcinella dressed as Dionysos Picture

...Don't ask. I had thought it would fit.

Pulcinella, heck do I love you, may you stay such an awesome character to draw and a muse for my inspiration.
So now. Pulcinella, in my version of the typical italian comedy character, dressed as Dionysos, Bacchus in Roma, antic god of wine, feast and drama. This time, when showing this to my little brother, he instinctively depicted Pulcinella as a "she". Maybe because of the clothes. XD

I'm especially satisfied of the colours here. Pulcinella's golden skin is a perfect match for blue-tainted elements like the veil here. Also, feels quite funny to draw Pulcinella without his/her usual blue greasepaint covering half the face. He/she probably looks this way when waking up in the morning, usually...
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