It's all in Motion Picture

Mmm I missed drawing. I've been rather preoccupied with Coalesce, real life, and photo class that I haven't really had time to draw lately. Plus, no muse has been murder. I finally found a break, because Coalesce has leveled out nicely, life has slowed down, and I don't have any photos to take this week that I decided I'd draw.

The result was a new style, which inspired me to make a new character. This character came onto Neopets as well, because I decided not to save for a draik anymore (instead, I made Doc a hissi). With the extra money from the morphing potion, I bought a desert paint brush, and made myself a desert lupe.

My problem was.. well, it was kind of an impulse buy; I hadn't thought anything out as far as a character would go. So I began to think about colors (most of my designs lately have come from just a simple color scheme). Brown, white, and teal became my color scheme. I had to work with that, but I couldn't think of anything... I didn't want to do an egyptian lupe, because, well, let's face it, just about every single desert lupe is themed with an egyptian thing.

Then I thought African. It was different, pretty unique, and lately I've really been into African mythology. But then I realized teal wasn't a very African color... And then it hit me.

The Anasazi people were known for their turquoise. So, there was my solution. My boy, who's name is Roithlean, is an Anasazi :3 The markings on his body are dyed, and have to be renewed every so often, because they start to dull... the brown is natural, though, as are his eyes. The bracelet on his right arm is made of bone, as are the two piercings on his left leg. The necklace is made of white beads and turquoise squares.

I am.. unusually proud of this drawing, design, style, shading, lines, and all. I tried a new style, in which I made the legs a bit thinner and longer, changed the face, and altered the ears. I also outlined it in a 1px brush, making the lines less apparent. The paw pad was the first one I've ever tried drawing, and I have to say, it turned out incredibly well. So, just so you'll know, you can expect some more art from me in the coming weeks :3 Quite a lot of it, I suspect, will feature Lean.

Sorry for the long comment! No crits, please, I worked for three days on this picture and design <3

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