I Am Not Muse - Version 1 Picture

This was the first concept of Boxxy art made into tiles. The main image used is a picture of Catie with her now iconic Mooninites T-shirt, and a British-Flag-Colored hat that was apparently knitted for her. She first posted this image on her Formspring, and it's still her default picture there.

I made several versions after this one, sadly they seem to suffer from a glitch in the bottom right hand side that I never fixed.

Kudos if your fanart was feature in this pic, feel free to link your profile or Youtube.

Oh, the name? When she finally returned in November 2010 after nearly 2 years of Internet absence, she said "I AM NOT QUEEN", the funny grammatical error become stuck in my head, later someone made a thread saying Boxxy was a muse (as in the ancient Greek mythology) because she inspires art and is 1/4 greek. This was posted aimed at someone who said she wasn't a muse.
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