The Other One appears in Equestria Picture

Oh my, a self-portrait? I hadn't realized that I was making this until it was done. Funny how we always find ourselves surprised by our faces when they are not viewed in a mirror. Pictures always seem to lie to us. Think it about it, have you ever found yourself mysteriously dissatisfied with your appearance in a photograph of yourself? Odd...

At any rate, this is how I (would) appear were I to venture into Equestria. This image comes from several theories I have regarding Equestria and its citizens. Lauren Faust has said that, in her mind, hooves are a prerequisite for intelligence. Ponies, cows, minotaurs, buffalo, she even said that she intended for viking reindeer to show up at one point. With all of these various species showing up I figured it was only logical that centaurs, being both a Greek creature like the minotaur and possessing hooves, would show up at one point as a race. The problem here lies with the whole 'face' issue. So far we have never seen human faces in Equestria. Even the manticore, which traditionally had a human face, avoided having the unfortunate features of the Homo Sapiens species. I think most of you can agree that having a human face in our beloved Equestria is a very, VERY bad idea. As I am pretty sure there is no way to perch a pony face on top of the human body without making it look absolutely ridiculous (Prove me wrong fellow artists if you can!), I decided to add some character to these Centaurs as a race. Culturally, my headcanon centaurs all wear masks from a very young age. Much like Zebra neck-rings and jewelry, these masks would be a strict tradition that united the centaur race as a whole. Much like wearing clothing is for humans, not wearing a mask is taboo for centaurs. Like the cutie marks of the pony race, however, these traditional masks are made to show the centaur's special talent. What makes them unique. When a centaur foal comes of age, it crafts a mask for itself to show the world who it truly is.

Now for my second theory/concept. There are three main pony races. Unicorns who wield magic power, pegasi who can fly, and earth ponies who have a deep connection to the earth and living things. There are then pony-like races who are similar to these core races. Batponies can fly, like pegasi. Zebra are adept at making potions, and seem to be in touch with nature like their earth pony brethren. Crystal ponies are a bit up in the air. They physically resemble earth ponies, but have a sort of communal magic that makes them comparable to unicorns. I decided that if I was going to create this centaur race they would continue this pattern of resembling the three core pony races. Centaurs have the ability to manipulate electricity and, to a certain extent, magical energy. They are exceptionally reclusive, but are genius builders and create advanced technology with their control over electrical power. They are directly comparable to unicorns as both manifest their powers in a highly visual display of light. Unicorns have a great deal more variety to their magic than the centaur, but the centaur are more specialized. Many of the rather seemingly random instances of advanced anachronistic technology we see in the show (such as Twilight Sparkle's basement machinery in the episode 'Feeling Pinkie Keen') could be Centaur-tech, as it were.

Now not all centaur are as flashy and glowy as myself here. Many do feature glowing tails or masks, and some have masks that allow their hair/mane to be seen. They are as diverse a people as any of the pony races, and come in all colors, cutie marks, personalities, and body types. All have some control over electrical power, which manifests from their gloved hands, and all usually wear some clothing on their upper body.

If you find yourself interested by my description of this headcanon race, please feel free to design your own OC's. I would appreciate it if you would post a link to this deviation if you do decide to make a Centaur OC so that others may read this description, and for crying out loud send me a link so I can look at your awesome characters! I've enjoyed finding a way to make the Centaurs of mythology fit into our favorite show about pastel ponies and I would love to see where other people take it!

Also: You might find that this fellow looks familiar if you have seen this GIF --->(…

Just keep in mind that headcanons are not endorsed by our local muse, and that
Ann lies.


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