Sketchins -- Horus Picture

Boy, my muse really wants to dance like an Egyptian lately. x3 I took an hour or two and had another expression sketch practice done, this time of Anubis's half-brother, Horus. And boy was he fun to do. xP

Just like Anubis's sketches, his stats read as follows beside the name: God of - the sky, protection, the Pharaoh, the hunt. Son of - Osiris and Isis.

From left to right, Horus is: Smug (he's awesome and he knows it x3) philosophical, very much not amused (Someone probably either made fun of his funky hat or mentioned the fact that he's supposed to be blind, thanks to Set), skeptical (Yes, I couldn't resist an "o rly?" there), Surprised/fascinated, in falcon mode (Since many of the gods could shapeshift, Horus likes to become a literal falcon for his watch in the skies over Egypt), serious/angry, in suspense, snuck his symbol the Wedjat eye in there, distressed (probably how he looked when he accidentally injured his own mother during a fight...she got better), and...well, uh...just an "uh..." face for randomness' sake.
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