Lavada the Muse Picture

The concept of a muse has fascinated me at least since I saw the Kevin Smith movie "Dogma". Entertaining the idea is all the more surprising because I am not all that religious. It's just that sometimes I can't think of a better explanation of all the completely random sparks of inspiration throughout my life. It's borderline spooky.

I picked the name Lavada because it means "creativity" and it apparently has american origins. I also wanted her to have some kind of link to the myths of the past and the present. Thalia is one one of the nine muses of ancient Greece. She presides over comedy and idyllic poetry. Gabriel is an archangel who is most famously known from christian mythology. In the past, Gabriel has been depicted in both genders, but for the purposes of this I will designate Gabriel as male. Among other things, Gabriel is said to aid those whose life is dedicated to the arts or communications. Again, not a huge fan of organized religion. However, coming up with all of this took a decent amount of research. For a splash of originality, I gave Lavada an affinity for technology.

At the moment, don't plan on doing anything with this design, but you never know...

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