My Muse -WIP- Picture

After seeing it on here (and then following those artists involved) I decided to have my own weekly topic competition with my friends, the winner getting to choose the topic for the next week. Any media is allowed, writing included.

Last week's topic was: Your Muse.
I drew what I think my Muse would look like, using GIMP and a touchpad mouse. This is my first time actually using a touchpad mouse and a laptop from the start to the finish of a drawing.

This is the Work In progress... I liked how it looked without the lines on it.

My interpretation was along the lines of Greek mythology, in which there were 7 Muses that were Goddesses of creativity and inspiration. My idea was that each person has their own muse to inspire them. My Muse... she is kind of a snob! (Trust me, I have had a talk with her, lol)
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