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Name: Myth
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon Cat
Personality: Adventurous, peppy, happy-go-lucky, curious, sometimes mischievous, usually lazy, but really cares about his friends.
Likes: Friends, adventures, flyin' around.
Dislikes: Being responsible, disipline, people not believing in him.
Other: Myth is, well, a myth! XD He's supposed to be the guardian of all mythical creatures, and he's best friends with Feri, despite them being complete opposites.

The answer to this: [link]

This is my muse. :'3 He came out completely different than what I had expected him to be. XD He was originally supposed to have the body of a lizard, tail of a fish, and wings of a butterfly, but..he came out as a dragon. Probably because I love mythical creatures, and because I'm the .01% that's a fan of American Dragon: Jake Long. x3;

Myth the Dragon Cat © ~SummerGal7.
Art © ~SummerGal7.

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