Alter Astraeus Picture

So, the little muses made another Alter that is reminiscent of the hydra (from Greek mythology). Due to the size of my paper I could only draw three heads. But more do appear when you chop at them. The limit is seven heads.

Scary thing is...planning another one. x_x
Gods help me.

Forced to use my iPod as a camera since I do not own one. x_x


Name: Alter Astraeus (Astra for short)
Programmed Gender: Male
Length/Height (All Stretched out or standing on the tip of his tail): 8 feet
Height (as in picture): 5.5 feet

About him:

Alter Astraeus is a speed demon but has tactics when it comes to battle. It usually starts with a few of the heads emitting a black mist for cover and the others will attack with their fangs that are loaded with a silver acid or stab you with their tail, but that's mostly as a last ditch effort. You can try and decapitate him but more heads just appear. There is a limit of seven heads. He usually starts out with two or three.


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