The River Twygz Picture

Edit 2-03-08: The river now looks more like water, and Charold has a shadow. Thanks for the tips, guys!

"Thiss river iss fed by the tearsss of centuriess of sssinnerrsss....

When I first got to the Underwhere in SPM, I thought the little ferryman of the River Twygz was amazingly awesome, as I tend to think all menacing-yet-cute things with insane grins are amazingly awesome. Plus, I really love Greek mythology, and he's the Mario universe's version of Charon, ferryman of the dead (his name is Charold, as a matter of fact). So I thought, "I must draw him!" But... you know how that goes, and over nine thousand SPM drawings later, I still had not done a picture of this guy. So tonight I doodled him from memory, and I liked it so much that the little sketch grew of its own will into this.

I must say, I am extremely proud of this picture. Believe it or not, I tend not to enjoy digital paintings at all... I never feel like I can connect to a computer screen like I can to real, traditional media that's right in front of me, being held in my hands. I only work digitally so often because I have evolved a dependence on the undo button and layers. However, tonight everything seemed completely natural and flowed beautifully, and I had a lot of fun experimenting- and I think that shows. I can definitely say my muse was with me tonight, and I hope it sticks around, because it's a wonderful feeling.

Charold (c) Nintendo/Intelligent
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