Where Earth and Water Meet Picture

Done for :devthepencilclub's mythology contest. I chose to portray a river nymph and a tree dryad. I was thinking "Horned God"/"Lord of the Green" when I came up with the look for the dryad. I know a lot of people depict river nyphs as more amphibious than fish-y, but I was thinking "waer-salmon," in keeping with my novel verse. And "mermaid" was one of the subject choices, so it still works
Maaaaan, this was hard. I haven't used my prismacolor pencils in aaages, and I can't even recall a time when I ever used them alone. (Usually I do the base colours in marker, and use the pencils for fine detail work. I usually use a colourless blender, too ...) Anyway, I probably should have gone graphite instead, but I wanted it to be in colour, and since digitally colourizing the graphite, like I usually do, would be against the rules ... well, challenge is good excercise for the muse, ne?
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