KG-App: Ahui Picture

Decided against Tsavo and Ohanzee in favor of something I probably should have designed ages ago; a south american otter Cx


Name: Ahui
Species: Giant Otter (Pteronura Brasiliensis)
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years

Animal Length: 63 inches (5’3”)
Animal Weight: 68lbs

Human Height: 5’10”
Human Weight: 132lbs

Current Residence: Menefer, Mali

Magic: Life Magic. In short; Plant growth. Ahui is able to make plants grow at extremely fast speeds, especially in the case of flowers. Big things like trees take considerably more effort. He is capable of spawning plants out of no where but it take so much effort to do that he instead just relies on a storage of seeds he keeps.

Personality: Upbeat and social, Ahui adores being in the company of others, even if the “others” do not like Ahui much. He’s confidently optimistic and full of that otter playful spirit. He has an obsession with water and is willing to go to such great lengths to be wet that one could also say that Ahui lacks a decent amount of shame. Ahui is completely capable of loving and caring for others deeply but those he deems as prey or enemies become like playthings to this otter and he can be extremely malicious about it. His antics make him seem far less intelligent than he actually is. Ahui greatly prefers to use his intellect and friendly energetic charm over bothering with directly attacks.

Strengths: His scheming intellect, swimming, his magic of course

Weaknesses: Well beyond his sharp teeth and wiggling like a noodle, Ahui ain’t got crap for physical battle. Without water to move in, he loses all agility. His otter body is simply not made for battle and his human form is only slightly less delicate. While his optimistim often comes in handy, it also makes Ahui foolhardy enough that putting himself in dangerous situations is nothing alien to him.

History: Ahui grew up in the swamp forests of Brazil and was born to the name “Muse”. However, after leaving his parent’s family group, he took up residence in a river near a human settlement where he developed a strong taste for human flesh. The humans gave him the name “Ahui” after the Aztec mythological creature Ahuizotl. It didn’t take long for word to spread enough that magical river otters from Alaska came to take refuge in Ahui’s territory. From these river otters he learned about the KG dogs and what they were capable of. Inspired by the river otters’ hate for the KG and his curiosity of a land of no water, Ahui decided to ship himself to Menefer.

Additional Info:
*Ahui carries seeds in his pockets and the puffy sleeves of his cloak.

*He is also shown in partial human form, but his cloak covers his otter-tail and his hair covers his tiny otter ears. His fingers also have slight webbing to them.

*Also, I have no idea what height Giant otters are at the withers… but just assume he’s probably A LOT shorter than any other character already created xD

Photoshop CS3
Character © ~AddictionHalfWay
KG universe © *Jeakilo
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