Candlerune Picture

A commission for Alabang, a friend from Gaia and a member from the Aershaa shop. She gave me a TON of freedom: the only specification was that it was a peryton, a mythological deer-eagle in the form of a deer's body and an eagle's wings.

As you all know, this is the first real painting I've done in ages. I mean, a REAL painting, one that I toiled away at, detailed, and spend overwhelming amounts of time on. I haven't had a muse for this in years, and I dearly thank my new friend Alabang for bringing my old painting muse back. I have no achieved my goal: one painting by the end of the summer.

As for the painting itself, I combined the style I use for aershaa and the old detail style I once had. The trees are a new thing for me, I used a bit of my own technique playing and a few tutorials I found around. This is also my first time using a texture over the entire piece, but I feel that it completed it, if only just slightly.

Though I love to improve, I'm staying away from critique by anyone but the commissioner, simply because it is, in fact, a commission.

Approx. Time: 43 hours over 2 weeks
Medium: Photoshop CS4 & Bamboo tablet. Texture from
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