Adonis Picture

Adonis, a Greek god born from his mother Myrrh who was turned into a tree. This is my rendition of him... his mama's in the background..

Turns out, this is my muse!

Adonis is elemental, earthly- I've always loved the natural.

He has cycles, though irregular, much like nature has it's seasons- There are periods of time when my art strives, and others where it dies down a bit depending on 3rd party factors I cannot control.

He can grow or wither- which is tied directly to my esteem, yearning, and everything else attributed to my creativity as well as my constant stream of ideas. This is dependant on me, no 3rd party factors here.

He has a slight ability to shapeshift, only natural forms though- the changing and molding of ideas and continuous search and learning of ways to express myself artistically through different mediums.

He is born of a tree- trees like thoughts can grow forever, bloom, seed and sprout more trees (thoughts), and brings life and air to its surroundings (art is my life, and the world would be lifeless without art.... or trees).
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