Series: Children of Euterpe Picture

This is the full T-shirt stencil set/series I created for my friends' Christmas gifts. They're depictions of my friends playing their respective instruments (all of my closest friends were/are heavily involved in music--including me) in some sort of ethereal/divine muses. Actually, that's where the title comes in. In Greek mythology, Euterpe was the patron muse of music, hence "Children of Euterpe."

The top row of images are of the stencils themselves where as the bottom row are of "prints" on white sketch paper (I do have photos of my friends actually wearing the T-shirts, but most of them are pretty um...wary of having their photos posted online). Despite the fact that the images aren't of the T-shirt themselves, I still believe this submission belongs in the Fashion section as it was always my intent to create these stencils for T-shirts specifically.

Each stencil was hand-drawn (although with the exception of the figures I basically winged everything) and hand-cut into bristol board with my trust ex-acto knife. From there I applied the designs to the shirts with spray paint.

I can't possibly fathom how many hours it took me to finish all of these, but I can honestly say that it was enough for me to lose the feeling in my fingers a few times ^ ^*
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