Roland And Euterpe Picture

Roland from Tears for Fears and Euterpe, one of the muses.

So I started this drawing ONE YEAR AGO, and I've only finished now. Originaly, it was suppose to be named "Roland and the Muses" because Erato was suppose to be drawn behind Roland (Erato is the muse of lyrical poetry, which really suited Roland's talent). But just doing Euterpe took me 2 months so I gave up doing Erato. I erased her so Roland is left with Euterpe, the muse of music. She was suppose to be leaning on Roland's back and had her hands on him. Thats why there's a weird creepy hand on Roland's right shoulder that I was too lazy to erase. So it just looks like a bodiless hand, lol O_o

So here's the result after a year at last. Im not satisfied with it. Again the gross toothpaste background and the stiff face of Euterpe. Also, ITS WAY TOO BIG!! I put so much details and I can only show 50% of it.
The whole looks pretty cheesy, but I do like Roland's face, he's cute
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