Remember like a few years ago Picture

...every other boy was named Jason... and the girls were all named Brittany?

I love these little shits. I watched Hercules a few days ago and the first five minutes of it was enough to make me want to ragequit animation forever. XD SERIOUSLY, have you watched that shit recently? EVERY effing one of the muses moves a little differently according to their body type. Like, I'm not even talking about the fat one, I mean ALL of them. It's just insane.

I really wanted to draw the muses too. 'Cause they so damn fiiiine. But then I realized there's 5 of them. And there's only 2 of Pain and Panic. And I thought they'd be a nice little break of something kinda easy and fun to draw... they're so cartoony and expressive. NO BIG THAAAANG, I thought. This'll be CAKE. But I ended up spending much more time on this than it deserved. XD

Anyway, what I really like about Hercules is that you know how like, in Disney movies, there's always those one or two side characters who are just really funny-lookin'? Those are always my favorite characters because they just emote like CRAZY so they're the most interesting thing to watch. The lead male and lead female have to be pretty, so they aren't as funny-lookin' (usually). And that's not to say that they're not expressive... they're just expressive in different ways.
BUT ANYWAY what I'm getting at is the funny-lookin' side characters are always my favorite. What I like so much about Hercules is that practically everyone is a funny-lookin' side character. They're all really fun designs and they move really pleasantly to me. It's like, like... like you know how the Genie is the most interesting character to watch in Aladdin? Every other character is a Genie in Hercules.

That's just from an animation stand point. Dooooon't even get me started on how much I love the music and the in-jokes regarding mythology. And just how effing clever it is to do the whole soundtrack like gospel music.

Anyway, yeah. So... uh. Pain and Panic. I wanted to draw them kind of more like "my styyyyllleee lol" or whatever but they ended up looking relatively on-model. Which is bullshit because the characters go more or less "off model" by nature like, constantly. DAMMIT. Oh well whatever. And it's really small. DEAL WITH IT.

Why does everything I draw turn out looking just a little gayer than it should? WHYYYYYYY
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